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Why Is My AC Unit Making This Noise?


It seems the warm weather is here to stay and that means your AC unit is entering its prime season. The last thing you want to be stuck with on a hot, humid day is a broken unit. That is why you should keep in mind that if you hearing abnormal sounds coming from your unit, you may need an inspection. These could be signs of your unit malfunctioning.

Here are some of the common sounds and their associated issues:

Banging – This can be caused by a loose or broken part such as a connecting rod, piston pin or crankshaft moving around inside the compressor. Banging could also mean that your compressor needs replaced.

Buzzing – This sound can be sign of various issues including: outdoor fan motor, blade, or other parts being loose, debris, copper lines rubbing, condenser coil needing cleaned, dirty air filter, blower is going bad or a refrigerant leak.

Screaming – When heard at your outdoor compressor, this is usually a sign of a refrigerant leak. This type of sounds could not only damage your air conditioner, but it may be detrimental to your family’s health. This sound can also indicate a build-up of pressure causing the compressor to make that noise. This is also extremely dangerous and you should shut off your AC as soon as possible.

Clanking – This type of sound is another indication that a part may be loose or off track. The compressor could be loose and need replaced. Also, the blower or fan could be off-balance, hitting other parts. A sound like this should specifically not be ignored because this can create a bigger issue over time.

Rattling – This can be a sign of age and deterioration. Parts like the fan could be loosening and rattling around inside the component. Also, be sure to check your unit for any leaves or debris that could be clogging it.

Constant clicking and fan not turning on –Electrical problems that cause the thermostat message to be interrupted can produce this sound. This can also be because the relay switch has gone bad. Have this checked out as soon as possible.

Humming– Humming isn’t cause of concern, but could mean something is loose causing some extra vibration. This sound can also indicate electrical issues like loose wiring in the motor. Humming escalates to a bigger racket, which can bring a larger issue.

The type of sound your AC unit may be making is not limited to the ones listed above.  And regardless of which one of these you may be experiencing, any abnormal sound coming from your AC unit should be checked out by a professional. Any problem that goes untreated could create an even larger issue down the line. Type of sound and frequency of the sound can be a huge indicator when troubleshooting the problem, so make note of these two items so your technician at Broadley’s can make a more informed diagnosis. Also, be sure to schedule regular maintenance of your unit.

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