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OCNJ Daily Comments Policy

As of Monday, June 8, 2015, OCNJ Daily eliminated the ability to post comments on news stories. The site may allow comments on select stories, and the following guidelines apply.


  • Commenters must use real first and last name.
  • Commenters must include real email for potential verification of the same.
  • We encourage brevity for both effectiveness and the demands of space.
  • We encourage a sense of humor.
  • We encourage any comment that takes issue with our news coverage.
  • We encourage any comment that takes issue with a well-established position — informed dissent being a foundation of any worthy public forum.
  • We encourage relevance — stay on topic.
  • We won’t allow profanity.
  • We won’t allow personal attacks.
  • We won’t allow accusations against individuals.
  • We won’t allow you to use copyrighted material.
  • We won’t post comments pointing out typos or factual errors. (We’ll just make the correction … and thank the reader for the heads up.)
  • We won’t post comments that include factual errors.
  • We make no promise to post any comment.