Fishing Report

Fishing Report

Fishing Report

Hello! This is the OCNJDaily fishing report. This report will give you the where, when and how of fishing our local waters. We hope this information will help you catch the big one!

Suggested bait and tackle in this report can be obtained at any of the local fishing shops.

The “What”

Here is a list of fish (some common, some not as common) found in New Jersey waters: Blowfish, Bluefish, Croaker, Flounder, Kingfish, Ling, Perch, Sea Bass, Sea Robin, Shad Sharks, Skate, Spot, Striper(Striped bass), Weakfish, Black drum, and red drum.

The “Where”

Some suggestions for locations in Ocean City:

Beach fishing (where allowed), the 5th St jetty, Corsons Inlet and the north end of the island near the Longport Bridge are excellent locations.

Bridge/Pier fishing: Longport Bridge fishing pier, 9th St Bridge fishing piers (there are 4).

Bay fishing: 12th St pavilion, and any street end that is open to the public.

Back Bay

Summer Flounder

Sadly, as the water temperature has become very warm most of the summer Flounder have moved out of the bay and into deeper water. That’s not to say there aren’t any Flounder in the bay, but there a lot less than earlier this month. The ones that are here are mostly the larger ones (16-19 inches) – which is a good thing! * Must be a minimum of 18 inches to keep. I suggest using a white ¾ ounce bucktail with gulp swimming mullet, or if you prefer live bait you should use squid or minnows.

The warmer water brings in an abundance of Sea Robins – there are plenty in the back bay. I suggest using minnows to catch them.

Big Blue Fish

As per usual this time of year, you can be sure to catch Blue Fish. And there are some BIG Blue Fish out there. To catch them try using shiny lures (preference is a spoon) or fresh bunker.

A good spot to catch all these fish mentioned is Corsons Inlet on the south end of the island. It’s been one of the hot spots recently.

Piers and Bridges


There is a lot happening around piers lately. Since it is August the two fish on most anglers minds are Seabass and Tautog. There are huge amounts of larger Seabass being caught around the piers, but there are still some small ones hanging around. They are a fun fish to catch and also taste great. I suggest using a Seabass rig with fresh clam. Since the water has warmed up a lot there are a good amount of Tautog (Tog) being caught – a really tasty fish. To catch them I suggest using a Tog rig with any kind of crab, but green crab is my favorite.

A lot of small to medium sized Triggerfish are hanging around the piers, but a few larger ones are being caught. I suggest using clam on an over/under rig to catch them.

There may still be Sheepshead around the piers and bridges in the bay, but fewer caught recently. You can catch them on sand crabs or calico crabs on a top/bottom rig.



The Kingfish bite is still on! It’s been a spectacular year for Kingfish in the surf. Bloodworms or clam on an over/under rig has been most successful.

Really good size Weakfish are being caught in the surf as well. You can also use bloodworms or clam to catch them.

With the warm, clear ocean water skates, stingrays, and small brown sharks are plentiful. You may not want or like to catch them, but be prepared (and careful!).

The sun is shining, the water is warm, so get out there and fish!