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BrandTotal on the Importance of a Strategic Approach to Social Advertising

It’s been quite a year, hasn’t it? While some companies have flourished, others have fallen by the wayside, unable to compete in quickly changing (and unexpected) market conditions.

American Director Travis Preston Looks Back on His Career and how...

For many years Travis Preston has said that he is a director first, educator second. Renowned for his modern directorial style and Polish theater influence, Travis Preston is widely considered one of the great modern directors of the day. With his many awards and contributions to the arts, Travis Preston has long viewed his success as an educator as dependent on his work as an artist.

Lorelei Linklater Discusses the Importance of the Arts in American Education

The American school system’s relationship with the arts has been complicated, to say the least. American public schools are notoriously underfunded, and with many schools already struggling to pay their teachers a decent wage, the arts are frequently the first programs cut.

How to Find Online Casinos That Really Pay?

Digital gambling is a gigantic industry. Countless websites offer hundreds of games, but is it really possible to collect any winnings? Scepticism is understandable: there are plenty of unscrupulous providers. However, you can still find a decent game collection with smooth withdrawals. Here are five key criteria to look out for.

Asheville startup No Evil Foods Innovates the Food System and the...

You’ll find plenty of articles and information suggesting the best thing you can do for both might be as simple as consuming a plant-based diet. But now, one Asheville company is proving that applying the principles of a plant-based lifestyle might be a boon to one’s business, too.

Oppose Industrial Wind Farms – Attend Peaceful Demonstration Tuesday April 27th...

I represent Save our Shoreline NJ, a group of nearly 4000 concerned businesses, homeowners, residents, fishing community members, and New Jersey shore vacationers. The view of the industrialization of our ocean by these giant wind farms is the least of our concerns. At first I was concerned about the view, which will be a horrible blight upon our beautiful Jersey Shore, but now I know that other issues are of greater significance. One major environmental concern is for the severely endangered Atlantic Right Whale and other juvenile whales that regularly visit the Jersey Shore -of which there are currently only 360 Atlantic Right Whales in the entire world. The loss of these whales will contribute to the ecological collapse of the Jersey Shore. Whales play a significant part in the ecosystem of the ocean. As you know, President Biden canceled offshore industrial wind farm projects in New York because of local political opposition. We at Save Our Shoreline NJ are organizing local political opposition to Governor Murphy’s poorly considered plan of industrializing our ocean which is bad for our environment, bad for our economy and bad for the future of NJ. That is why we are supporting and we have an ally in Commissioner Director Gerald M. Thornton and we are asking Cape May County residents, homeowners, and businesses to attend our peaceful demonstration on Tuesday, April 27, at 4:30 at...

Safe Walks with Your Toddler in the Hot Period

Summer is a great time when you do not need to think about clothes for your toddler, just put on a light bodysuit or sandbox, sandals, Panama hat, and go for a walk. In good weather, you can walk not the proper two hours, but much more. But here lies the main danger of this because heat can be dangerous even for adults, needless to say, kids.

Advantages of starting a business in New Jersey

Let’s look at some of the main reasons a business owner might choose to open up a company or start a brand-new business in the state of New Jersey.

OCHS Crew Holds Their Own at Lake Lenape

Mild temperatures and a moderate headwind made for a nice day for racing on Saturday. The highlights of the day were the Ocean City Boys and Girls lightweight four crews, who both won. The boys’ lightweight four included: stroke Christopher Horan, Flynn DeVlieger, Drew Young, bow Mike Dickinson and coxswain Riley Fisher. The girls lightweight four included: stroke Zoey Driscoll, Danielle Weidner, Eileen Seif, bow Lilly Teofanova and coxswain Maria Mastrando...

3 Best Casino Software Providers

Today the gambling industry today is quite competitive and one of the key factors when choosing a casino is the quality and variety of content on offer. The owners of renowned online casinos partner with leading and trusted software developers in order to attract as many new customers as possible and retain a loyal audience.