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Erica Hahn of Williamsburg, VA Discusses Staying Fit and Exercising Safely...

Erica Hahn of Williamsburg, VA works in the pharmaceutical industry, and enjoys living a healthy lifestyle. In the following article, Erica Hahn reviews cold weather exercise, and how winter workouts can improve more than just physical health.

Jonathan Craig Rich of New York Explains Accessing Capital Market Pathways

Jonathan Craig Rich of New York has over 30 years of experience in investment banking and capital markets, having successfully raised over $5 billion in capital for emerging growth companies within the healthcare, technology, and consumer industries. In the following article, Jonathan discusses the different types of capital market pathways, the benefits of accessing them, and how to get the ball rolling on a diverse, well-rounded capital markets strategy and approach.


Investors got more excited about international investing late last year. Some of that was chasing better returns, as developed international equities solidly beat the U.S. over the last three months of 2022. Some was the increased popularity of value investing as mega-cap U.S. technology stocks became less in favor.

Tedd Gullickson on Nurturing a Child’s Musical Talents

Parents often ask Tedd Gullickson for advice on how to best encourage their child’s ability to play their instrument of choice. Today, Tedd Gullickson will look at some of the best ways to foster a love of music.

Dr. Joshua Shuman On What to Know When Meeting with a...

Josh Shuman wants to provide insights that will make the experience of going to a psychologist much less foreboding.

Chad Niemi Discusses Recent PGA News

Chad Niemi breaks down the recent PGA highlights, from Phil Mickelson promising he's at peace about never playing on the PGA Tour again to the highlights of the Farmers Insurance Open, avid supporters like Chad Niemi have had a fun-filled January.

THCV in 2022: Main Things to Know

Whether you're a newcomer to the cannabis world, a hemp enthusiast already, or even a true cannabis connoisseur, you've definitely heard about the THCV cannabinoid as “diet weed.”

Ogechukwu Victor Adekweh, MD Provides Tips From a Family Care Physician

Ogechukwu Victor Adekweh is a big proponent of a family supporting one another to achieve their health goals. The family that is united in a healthy lifestyle is the family that earns a healthy lifestyle, according to Dr. Ogechukwu Victor Adekweh. Today, Dr. Adekweh will provide a roadmap for parents to follow to help keep the whole family healthy and happy.

Ishmael Alvarado Offers a Beginner’s Guide to Cardio Kickboxing

Ishmael Alvarado of New York developed a passion for physical fitness. This passion led him to become a Martial Arts and Cardio Kickboxing instructor for over 20 years. Ishmael Alvarado is always excited to share the benefits of cardio kickboxing with those looking for a new physical fitness activity. As we enter the second month of the year, many people have already quit their fitness goals made from New Year’s resolutions. Ishmael Alvarado believes that happens more often than not because people don’t enjoy heading to the gym or running on a treadmill. Cardio kickboxing unlocks an opportunity to stay engaged workout after workout.

Declan Birmingham on The Benefits of Becoming an Eagle Scout For...

Declan Birmingham credits his parents for encouraging him to pursue Eagle Scout status. Millions upon millions of students apply for college rosters each year, and admission offices are always looking for ways in which one application stands out from another.