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Mehta Marketing Reviews Pittsburgh’s Goal of Net Zero Carbon Emissions for...

Mehta Marketing is a global marketing firm, helping businesses expand while fueling the economy. The firm also publishes the blog Mehta Marketing Inc. designed to help consumers avoid scams in the renewables investing space. Mehta Marketing reviews the recently released goal of Pittsburgh University to have net zero carbon emissions in the very near future of 2037. Mehta Marketing reviews what this goal means for the university and surrounding community, what the impact will be, and what follows this achievement.

Steve Madray of Texas Discusses Investment Property Opportunities

Steve Madray of Texas is a decorated military officer who, now in his civilian career works as a real estate developer and investor. While working in construction soon after his post-military life, Steve gained expertise in site work, project management and estimation during that time. With a knack for real estate, Steve founded Benchmark Properties and Consulting firm in 2018. Steve Madray not only manages his firm, but his own commercial property investments as well. In the article below, Steve Madray discusses investing opportunities in the state of Texas, how the market and local economy is booming, and why investors are flocking to the Lone Star state.

Alex Fopiano on the Roles and Responsibilities of Treasury Analysts in...

Alex Fopiano of Massachusetts says that some universities even provide corporate treasury management programs to help budding treasury analysts along the way. Career consultants urge those interested in this career path to fill their electives with subjects like quantitative reasoning, banking, financial analysis, corporate finance, auditing, supply chain, and risk management.

Mary Huttlinger Discusses Cincinnati’s Industry Growth in Thriving Uptown

Mary Huttlinger of Cincinnati has over 25 years’ experience working on grassroots and community outreach initiatives. Her passion lies in helping people and organizations find their voice and increase their impact in the communities they serve. In the following article, Mary Huttlinger discusses the booming economy in Cincinnati’s Uptown neighborhoods, the rapid industry growth, and how these Uptown neighborhoods are bringing the community closer in 2022 and beyond.

Greg Bolan Discusses Reasons Military Veterans Should Focus Civilian Careers in...

Greg Bolan is a military veteran who served in the United States Army. Now working in corporate finance, Greg Bolan understands how serving in the army can prepare service members for the next chapter of life, with leadership skills, self-discipline, and strategic thinking skills. In the following article, Mr. Bolan discusses below the many reasons why military veterans should consider a career in finance in their post military lives.

Cullen Fischel of Cleveland Discusses the Future of Web Design

Cullen Fischel of Cleveland is an entrepreneur in web design for small businesses in the financial sector. Focusing on color palettes, fonts, layout, mobile optimization, and SEO, he understands how vital a properly functioning, easy-to-use website is for business leads and sales. In the following article, Cullen Fischel discusses the future of web design, AI-driven analytics, no-page layouts for seamless flow on mobile devices, and AR/VR content to enhance a user’s experience on the business’ website.

Charlie Eissa Discusses Social Security Fact for Seniors

Charlie Eissa is a retirement planning expert who works with seniors of retirement age manage their finances and set plans and goals for their future. With a plethora of knowledge, Charlie Eissa strives to make retirement planning more accessible to seniors. In the following article, Mr. Eissa discusses social security benefits for seniors – how social security benefits are determined, how to manage and maximize these benefits.


Last week’s higher than expected inflation report was a game-changer for the Federal Reserve (Fed) and bond markets. With inflationary pressures continuing to run much hotter than the Fed’s 2% target, an even more aggressive rate hiking campaign was priced into markets.

About Eden Foods: A Brief Look at The Organic Food Company

Eden Foods is an organic food company headquartered in Clinton, Michigan. In the article below, an overview of Eden Foods and their products, as well as how and they source their materials and help the local economies, sourcing local ingredients from organic farmers is discussed.

Phil Lovin Discusses Motivational Leadership in the Post-COVID Workplace

Phillip Lorne Lovin is highly skilled in logistics and motivational leadership. Previously, Phil Lovin served as a missionary in Kenya, among other places. In the following article, Phillip L. Lovin discusses motivational leadership in the workplace, post-pandemic, why it’s an integral part of business success today, and how to incorporate motivational leadership into practice.