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Martez Edwards, Formerly of Alabama, Explains the Differences Between Mentoring and...

Martez Edwards, formerly of Alabama, works in education, participates as a football coach, and student mentor. In the following article, Martez Edwards discusses the differences between mentoring, and coaching, and when to utilize each approach.

Chris Kaminski and Amy C. Marshall Provide Tips for First-Time Scuba...

Chris Kaminski and Amy C. Marshall, business partners and avid scuba divers, provide insights into the world of scuba diving for beginners, sharing their love and passion for the sea with readers.

Melissa Kubala on How to Identify the Best Locations for Real...

Melissa Kubala,a realtor in Houston, TX, discusses how to identify a good location for a strong investment in real estate.


Stocks have had a nice run, but at higher prices, the bar for further gains gets higher. We have recently made the case in this publication that there are a lot of reasons to expect the market to go higher between now and year end. But with stocks at higher valuations, high-quality bonds offering attractive yields, an S&P 500 Index with concentrated leadership facing technical resistance at 4,300, and an elevated risk of a late-2023 recession, we think it makes sense to be a bit careful here.

Matthew Fleissner on the Best Golfing Destinations Around the Globe

Matthew Fleissner, an avid golfer who enjoys traveling, provides a list of the best destinations for a golf-focused vacation around the world.

Michael Troelstrup Discusses the Latest from Major League Baseball

Michael Troelstrup, a sports fan, commentator, and contributor to online publications within the professional sports industry, discusses the ever-evolving landscape of MLB news.

Dr. John Heary Explores the Autoimmune Link Involving Hashimoto Thyroiditis

Dr. John Heary, discusses the link between Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and other autoimmune disorders, who is at risk, and how to spot symptoms and take action.

Chris Cummins, M.D., Discusses the Goals and Benefits of Hormone Optimization...

Dr. Christopher Cummins of Oxford, a family medicine physician, discusses why Hormone Optimization Therapy (HOT) extends far beyond simply restoring hormonal balance.

Oona Cahill Discusses Quick and Easy Vegan Meals for Busy Lifestyles

Oona Cahill, a busy entrepreneur who follows a vegan lifestyle, discusses some of the best plant-based cuisines, unveiling a collection of delectable quick meals, that will not only save time, but will provide the body with the nutrition (and flavor) it deserves.


The mega-cap technology companies have powered the broad market higher this year. In fact, the 8.1% gain in the S&P 500 year to date has been driven entirely by six mega-cap stocks: Apple (AAPL), Microsoft (MSFT), NVIDIA (NVDA), Meta (META), Amazon (AMZN), and Alphabet (GOOG/L). Is this narrow leadership a problem for stocks looking forward? We try to answer that question below.