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Aaron Posey of Little Elm Texas On Setting the Course: A...

Aaron Posey of Little Elm Texas, a visionary leader with over 17 years in higher education and a deep-seated passion for student development and advocacy, comes this essential guide to setting personal, academic, and career goals.

Insights from Shandron Bonds on the Impact of Property Management on...

Shandron Bonds explores these facets through the lens of an industry leader who ensures her client’s assets continue to thrive within the competitive real estate market.

Corey R. Maple on Promoting Eco-Friendly Practices in the Hospitality Industry

Corey R. Maple discusses the importance of sustainability in the hospitality industry, providing practical tips for promoting eco-friendly practices.

Tirex Petroleum & Energy on Providing an Enabling Environment for Investment...

Tirex Petroleum & Energy delves into the critical success factors essential for optimizing contracting cycles, strategies for eliminating regulatory overlaps, methods to achieve ambitious production targets, and collaborative efforts between public and private entities to reduce production costs.

Tony Cross of Edmond, Oklahoma, Explores Tax-Advantaged Investing Strategies for Retirees

Tony Cross of Edmond, Oklahoma explores several investment options that offer tax benefits to retirees.

John Wnek of New Jersey Explores Empowering Conservation through Education: Safeguarding...

John Wnek of New Jersey delves into how educational initiatives can be pivotal in safeguarding these critical natural resources.

Effective Strategies for Teaching Complex Science in Professional Settings from Gian...

Gian Stefano Brigidi, Ph. D., delves deeper into the techniques that facilitate effective teaching of advanced science and explores their impacts on learning outcomes in professional contexts.

Jarrett Otto Gimbl On How Service Dogs Are Revolutionizing Veterans’ Recovery

Jarrett Otto Gimbl, a 42-year-old veteran, tells the story of how he found a sanctuary in the steady companionship of his service dog, Gunny.

A Day Game at Dodger Stadium By Sam Coquillard

Sam Coquillard gives a synopsis of a recent game he attended at Dodgers Stadium.

Psychosocial Support for Cancer Patients: Beyond the Physical Treatment with Insights...

Dr. John A. Greager II addresses the emotional, social, psychological, and spiritual needs of patients and their families, offering a beacon of hope and resilience in the face of a daunting diagnosis.