Manco & Manco Celebrates Today’s Grand Opening at 3 P.M. of the...

Manco & Manco Celebrates Today’s Grand Opening at 3 P.M. of the Mega Manco

At 3:00PM the doors will open for Manco & Manco's newest and greatest location.

Manco & Manco Pizza’s long awaited new flagship restaurant location opens today at 3 p.m. in the converted and renovated former Strand Theatre at 8th Street and the Boardwalk.

But last night was a time to celebrate the iconic Ocean City businesses’ new facility, its staff and the community which helped make Manco & Manco a household name whenever visitors discuss America’s Greatest Family resort.

More than 200 supporters, family members, employees, contractors, and friends joined Mayor Jay Gillian and City Council members, representatives of the Boardwalk Merchant Association and the Ocean City Regional Chamber of Commerce for the festivities.

Owner Chuck Bangle spoke, outlining the company history and singling out many employees and key figures in Manco & Manco’s rise. He also outlined the construction process that allowed Manco & Manco to repurpose the old Strand, a Boardwalk landmark in its own right.

Chuck fondly spoke about all the people and history that made this location possible. He praised the Manco family as well as the community as a whole (the Customers, Contractors, Fire & Police Personnel, the Mayor & Administration). Photo Credit: Ocean City Magazine

There were tours of the new restaurant, including a huge wraparound counter, massive dining room requiring 11 serves during peak times, a computerized ordering center and a catering facility.

The sound system and large screen TVs are state-of-the-art. There will be no confusing this with any ordinary pizza joint. It must be seen to be believed.

This is no ordinary restaurant and this is no ordinary server.

This location even has it’s own gift shop.  It is stocked with all the t-shirts, hats, pins, and tchotchkes that locals and tourists could desire.

Last nights catered event gave the staff one last night to relax before the grand opening of their biggest and best location.

Before the night was over, Bangle announced they will be selling tiles for installation in the interior of the store, which customers may purchase for $100 each and decorate with their family or business names.  The proceeds from the tile sales will go to the Hero Campaign and two local charities benefitting veterans.

This young lady is very excited to get some pizza!

When the event broke up, attendees left looking forward to the real party tomorrow at 3, which kicks off the newest era in one of Ocean City’s oldest and most beloved family businesses.