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Ocean City Wins New Jersey’s Favorite Beach

Martin Z. Mollusk was eager to hear the winners of New Jersey's 2017 Favorite Beach

By Andrew DeCredico

The NJ Sea Grant Consortium is an organization dedicated to the beaches and ocean of New Jersey. In 2008 the NJ Sea Grant Consortium set out to encourage stewardship and pride for each municipality’s beach in the Garden State. They created a public poll that runs from the beginning of May through the end of June. Each county has its own winners honored, and there is a winner for the overall favorite as well.

Ocean City holds its head (and award) high after being voted New Jersey’s favorite beach for the fourth time in a row.

This year the winner of the over all vote was Ocean City.  It has held the title for the fourth year in a row, and has impressively only lost its title for one year. Coming in second today was Brigantine’s beach.

Ocean City’s beach was perfect on the day it was awarded New Jersey’s favorite!

Each county also had winners. For Monmouth County, The winner was Asbury Park. Second place in Monmouth County was Spring Lake. In Ocean County, Seaside Heights took the win, with Beach Haven being Ocean County’s second favorite beach. Atlantic County gave the award to Brigantine, and Margate was runner up. Cape May County voted Ocean City as their favorite beach, and Sea Isle’s Beach was right behind Ocean City, getting second place.

Each beach was recognized and the winners were given a small badge of honor.