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Thursday Update: Work Moves to 54th-59th Streets Next Week

The sand-pumping pipeline now stretches from 55th Street to 48th Street, where work is in progress.


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DATE: Thursday, August 27

PROGRESS: As of Thursday at dusk, the pipeline is at 48th Street and crews are essentially working where they left off when they completed the area from 37th Street to 47th Street.

The beach entrances at 49th Street, 48th Street and mid-block Merion Place and St. David’s Place are closed.

The third phase of work is scheduled to end at 47th Street, but the contractor likely will revisit some areas near there that eroded during an 11-week dredge repair.

That work could be complete as early as this weekend, Ocean City Mayor’s Assistant Mike Dattilo reported to City Council on Thursday evening. Work would then move to 54th Street for the final phase — a push to 59th Street.

The beaches between 37th Street and 47th Street are complete, as are the beaches between 54th Street and 5oth Street.

Dattilo said 907,000 cubic yards (62 percent of the total project) have been placed on Ocean City beaches.

WHAT’S NEXT: Another 550,000 cubic yards (the other 38 percent) will be reserved for the area between 54th Street and 59th Street alone. That work is expected to begin next week and include about 22 days of sand-pumping, which would push the completion of the project into mid- to late-September. Dune crossover work would follow. And the planting of dune grass is scheduled for November.

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