Shabi Jafri Discusses the Best Way to Spend a Weekend in Santa...

Shabi Jafri Discusses the Best Way to Spend a Weekend in Santa Monica

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Shabi Jafri explains the arresting beauty of Santa Monica in the following article.

You’ve been waiting for your getaway weekend to Santa Monica, and it is finally approaching! With so many things to do and so little time, what is the best way to spend a weekend in Santa Monica?

On the top of your to do list should be the Santa Monica Pier says Shabi Jafri. Support local vendors and grab a bite to eat, then wander down to the beach for some volleyball. In the evening, head downtown to check out the Third Street Promenade Restaurants. In the morning, rent a bike and travel down The Strand along the shore. Then, Shabi Jafri says to immerse yourself in luxury by visiting a first-class spa.

Explore how to make the most of a weekend in Santa Monica according to Shabi Jafri. Planning your trip carefully will ensure that every minute is well spent!

The Best Place to Start your Weekend: The Santa Monica Pier

Shabi Jafri of Santa Monica says it may be a challenge to find parking at the Santa Monica Pier, so start your weekend right by booking a hotel within walking distance says Shabi Jafri of Santa Monica. You will thank yourself later for giving yourself freedom to come and go as you please!

Once at the pier, head into the Pier Shop and Visitor Center for maps and a free tour. This will help you make the best use of your time as you will discover attractions you may not have found on your own. After the tour, you can use the maps to navigate to the things that most interest you.

Shabi Jafri says that the most obvious attraction at the pier is the amusement park, Pacific Park. This park features the world’s only solar-powered Ferris Wheel! Just below the carousel you’ll find Heal the Bay Aquarium. Stop in for hands-on exhibits and familiarize yourself with the local sea life.

Soar through the air in a one- or two-hour class at the Trapeze School New York Los Angeles. This class is designed to be fun and safe for anyone over age 6. No experience necessary according to Shabi Jafri!

You don’t have to go far for lunch. There are many restaurants right there on the pier. Be sure to support a local vendor by grabbing a bite to eat before heading down to the beach!

Head to the Beach for the Best Weekend in Santa Monica

Shabi Jafri says after exploring the arresting beauty of the Santa Monica Pier, slather on more sunscreen and head down to the beach. You just had an amazing morning, and there is absolutely no shame in taking some time to relax while you enjoy the warm sand, soothing waves crashing on the shore, and the can’t-be-beat views.

Once you are rested up, walk along the 3.5-mile coastline as far as you’d like and find a beach-volleyball game to join, or simply enjoy the feel of sand between your toes and waves lapping up against your feet as you walk along the coastline taking in the scenery says Shabi Jafri of Santa Monica.

While in Santa Monica, Check out Downtown

Shabi Jafri explains how spending the day at the Santa Monica Pier and strolling casually along the beach will probably make you hungry. Now is a great time to head downtown. Find a bite to eat, and then enjoy the nightlife Santa Monica has to offer.

The Third Street Promenade is a foodies’ paradise. Whether you are looking for old-fashioned comfort food or authentic cuisine, you are sure to find a restaurant to delight you at The Third Street Promenade. Here, you will also find plenty of open-air shopping and enjoy street performances as you explore explains Shabi Jafri of Santa Monica.

While downtown, get a taste of Santa Monica’s nightlife by checking out nightclubs, live music, rooftop bars, wine lounges, and more! Spoil yourself in the social scene before heading back to the hotel for some much-deserved rest.

Shabi Jadri Santa Monica CaliforniaExplore Santa Monica the Best Way During your Weekend – By Bike or By Foot

Shabi Jafri reports that it is easy to rent a bike in Santa Monica. You can then hit the road solo or book a tour. Be sure to check out the Marvin Braude Bike Trail, widely known as The Strip. This is a 22-mile paved path with breathtaking views. It runs along the coast from Pacific Palisades to Torrance.

If bicycling along the shore isn’t your thing, pack a pair of hiking boots and head to Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area states Shabi Jafri. Here you will find a variety of trails of various lengths and difficulty levels. You can even mountain bike or go horseback riding while there!

The Best Way to End your Weekend at Santa Monica

After such an incredible weekend full of activities without arrest, no doubt you’ll be ready for some pampering and relaxation. From massage, facials, organic spas and even spas for your dog, Shabi Jafri says Santa Monica has the right spa for you to let go and release before ending your vacation and heading home.

Arrive back home refreshed and invigorated after making incredible memories in Santa Monica!