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Ocean City Seagull Contractor Focuses on Another Pest

For three straight summers, East Coast Falcons has used its trained birds of prey to chase pesky, food-aggressive seagulls away from the beaches, Boardwalk and other spots in town popular with Ocean City’s tourists. Now, the company that serves as the city’s seagull-control contractor will turn its attention toward another pest – rats. The company’s falcons, hawks and an owl that are used to harass seagulls will not be called into action to hunt down rats. Instead, the company will set live traps to catch the rodents and then they will be euthanized, East Coast Falcons owner Erik Swanson said.

Ocean City Promises Tougher Action on Dumpster Violations

Ocean City officials are vowing to get even tougher in their crackdown on contractors who violate the rules for construction dumpsters. The city has been responding to complaints that some contractors are failing to cover their dumpsters at construction sites, allowing trash, insulation and other debris to blow out and litter the surrounding neighborhoods. During a City Council meeting Thursday night, members of the governing body said they will consider stricter measures to punish contractors who repeatedly violate the dumpster rules.

New Study Proposes Flood Barrier to Protect Ocean City

Federal officials want to build a massive storm surge barrier across the Great Egg Harbor Inlet between Ocean City and Longport as part of $16 billion in proposed projects to protect the Jersey Shore from flooding along the back bays. Nearly 5,000 feet long and 19 feet high, the barrier would consist of swing gates that would be closed during major storms to prevent floodwaters from threatening Ocean City, Longport and other communities near the inlet that connects the bay with the ocean.

Ocean City Air Show Thrills Thousands

Ocean City Police Chief Jay Prettyman is in the final stages of his training to earn his private pilot’s license. On Sunday, he was out flying again. Yet this time, he jumped out of the plane – at an altitude of 10,000 feet. Yes, jumped. Prettyman joined with the professional skydiving team Fastrax during a sensational opening sequence for the Ocean City Air Show that left thousands of spectators on the beach and Boardwalk awestruck.

Funding Approved for Road, Drainage and Dredging Projects

City Council approved an $18.4 million bond ordinance Thursday night to fund a series of infrastructure improvements that include road, drainage and dredging projects throughout town. Although the bond package was adopted by a 7-0 vote, there was some infighting among the Council members over a few last-minute changes to the city’s capital plan.

Meet Terry Crowley Jr., Ocean City’s Newest Councilman

He walked into the room as Ocean City resident Terry Crowley Jr. He left the same night as City Councilman Terry Crowley Jr. It was a whirlwind City Council meeting on Aug. 26 when Crowley was selected from among seven candidates seeking to fill the vacancy created by the resignation two weeks earlier by former First Ward Councilman Michael DeVlieger. Crowley was suddenly thrust into the spotlight of city government. But even though he is a newcomer to politics, he said he was immediately ready to take on the responsibilities as the First Ward’s new councilman.

Nearly $7 Million Housing Complex is Attractive Addition to Ocean City

The main entrance to the new four-story building at the corner of Sixth Street and West Avenue features a glossy facade that suggests an air of exclusivity. Inside, the polished, hardwood-like floors have no scuff marks. Kitchen appliances and countertops glisten. A peek outside the windows on the top floor reveals expansive views of Ocean City’s skyline, the Boardwalk amusement rides and the bay. If you look hard enough, even a tiny bit of the ocean comes into view on the east side of the building. The scenery and the building itself may seem like luxury accommodations, but this is actually an affordable housing complex built for senior citizens by the Ocean City Housing Authority.

Three Candidates File for First Ward Race

It will be a three-person race in the Nov. 2 election for the First Ward seat on City Council. Terrence Crowley Jr., who was unanimously appointed by Council last week to fill a vacancy in the First Ward until the election, will be challenged by longtime residents Donna Swan DeRocher and Donna Moore. Monday at 4 p.m. was the deadline for candidates seeking the First Ward seat to file their nominating petitions with the City Clerk’s Office to be placed on the November ballot.

Terrence Crowley Appointed City Council Member

Terrence Crowley Jr., a pharmaceutical sales executive who is making his first foray into elected politics, was unanimously appointed by City Council on Thursday night to fill a vacancy created by the resignation of former First Ward Councilman Michael DeVlieger. With the appointment, Crowley will temporarily represent the First Ward in the city’s north end until the Nov. 2 general election. He confirmed that he intends to run in the election. The winner of the election will fill DeVlieger’s unexpired term until June 30, 2024.

Seven Candidates Vie for Vacancy on City Council

Seven candidates with varied backgrounds are in the running to fill a vacancy on Ocean City’s governing body created by the resignation of First Ward Councilman Michael DeVlieger. Candidates had until 4:30 p.m. Friday to submit their paperwork to the City Clerk’s Office to be considered for the position. Each candidate will be interviewed by City Council in closed session at the start of the Aug. 26 meeting at 6 p.m., City Clerk Melissa Rasner said.