Paul Anthony Pavliscak on The Top Beatles Songs of All Time

Paul Anthony Pavliscak on The Top Beatles Songs of All Time

Paul Anthony Pavliscak Rochester

As a lifelong music lover, Paul Anthony Pavliscak of Rochester, MI, named his Golden Noodle Starr as a tribute to The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr. At an early age, Paul Anthony Pavliscak was blown away when he heard music from The Beatles. Paul Anthony Pavliscak says his appreciation for the iconic band has only grown over the years as he has grown to appreciate how their music remains popular regardless of the generation of listeners. The Beatles provide the perfect example of how music can bring people together. Across the globe, people know the words to songs like Let It Be, Help, Strawberry Fields, and countless other classics. Today, Paul Anthony Pavliscak will share some thoughts on his favorite Beatles songs in hopes that at least one new listener will fall in love with his musical heroes.

One of the most impressive things about The Beatles is that they have millions upon millions of fans, and there is no clear consensus on their greatest song. Paul Anthony Pavliscak of Rochester, MI, does not believe any other artist in music history can compete with the sheer catalog of hits produced by The Beatles. There’s no definitive order to the songs below, but anyone new to the Beatles is sure to find a song they will love for the rest of their lives from the list below:

A Hard Day’s Night – Released in 1964, A Hard Day’s Night features everything a pop song should aspire to be. With a catchy chorus, incredible vocals, and lyrics that any working person can relate to, A Hard Day’s Night provides a clear example of what Beatlemania looked like back in the 1960’s. Almost every version of the song found on YouTube features screaming masses in the background.

Help! – This 1965 classic shows that a song doesn’t need to be long to be iconic. Clocking in at less than 2 minutes and 20 seconds, Help! perfectly encompasses the anguish of feeling lonely. When Paul Anthony Pavliscak was younger he didn’t recognize how sad the lyrics were as the music is upbeat and bubbly. The Beatles had a knack for pairing deep lyrics with light music. It’s a style that has been emulated by countless bands after them.

A Day in The Life – One of the great debates amongst Beatles fans is who was the better songwriter, Paul McCartney or John Lennon. Paul Anthony Pavliscak of Rochester, MI, believes it was the drastic differences between the two that made The Beatles the most influential band of all-time. The contrast in styles between the two front men is most evident in a single song with A Day in The Life. The first part of the song features an ominous tone where John describes some of the struggles of everyday life. The bridge of the song is light and takes the listener on a fantastic daydream in a way that only McCartney could pull off. There may not be another band that could bring the two styles together quite like The Beatles.

Across The Universe – The lyrical prowess of John Lennon is on full display in Across The Universe. Listeners are treated to a glimpse inside the head of one of the greatest song writers in the history of music. Across The Universe inspires listeners to dive a little deeper into their consciousness. It’s another hit that fans can’t help listening to over and over again.

All You Need is Love – Released in 1967 off the iconic Magical Mystery Tour album, All You Need is Love is probably the true anthem of the band. While the band grew more vocal about the ongoings of society as they matured, their root message always reverted to love. It’s something that fans from across the globe were attracted to then, and it’s why The Beatles music will be sought out until the end of time.