OC Football Dominates Absegami in Home Opener

OC Football Dominates Absegami in Home Opener

Ocean City opens the season Oct. 2 with a 49-7 win over Absegami.

By Phoebe Prettyman

It’s the perfect October day to kick off the football season during a not-so-perfect year. While many collegiate sports were put on hold due to the Corona Virus pandemic, the raiders are lucky enough to get on the field together.

In the first quarter Jake Inserra (Sr.) put the Raiders on the board with the first touchdown and  Brendan McGonigle (Jr.) makes the kick to add another point making the score 7-0 with 6:14 left in the quarter.

At beginning of second quarter Joe Repetti (Sr.) scored a touchdown following a 17 yard run. McGonigle followed with another successful field goal kick.

The raiders led with a 14-0 lead against the Braves.

Jake Schneider (Sr.) made a great interception at the 45 and continued to run inside to score a touchdown. McGonigle added to the score with another with a field goal kick.

While people are live-streaming at home some fans were in attendance socially distant and wearing masks. The crowd consisted of family members and fellow student athletes.

The second quarter ended with a 28-0 score after Joe Repetti (Sr.) hands it off to fellow Senior Jake Inserra for another touchdown.

An eventful third quarter begins with an interception at the 35 by Tom Schutta (Jr.).

The raiders add to their score as Joe Repetti (Sr.) makes a pass to Brady Rauner (Sr.) for the touchdown. The field goal kick achieves a score of 35-0 which leads to a running clock due to the “Mercy Rule”.

The third quarter ends with a score of 35-0, with OC in the lead.

A few minutes into the fourth quarter, Absegami adds to the board with a touchdown making the score 35-7 with OC still in the lead.

Elijah Cochran (Sr.) breaks loose with a 42 yard run to make a touchdown. McGonigle completes a kick and the score is now 42-7, OC in the lead with 7:10 left in the game and the running clock back in play.

With less than two minutes left in the game, Noah Murray (Sr.) scores a touchdown. With the addition of a successful field goal attempt the score is 49-7, OC in the lead.