O.C.’s Atilis Gym Offers 24-Hour Access

O.C.’s Atilis Gym Offers 24-Hour Access

Justin McCabe, of Ocean City, works out at the Ocean City Atilis Gym in December.


When it comes to excuses for why you can’t work out, not finding the time — at Atilis Gym in Ocean City at least — wouldn’t be one of them.

The old fashioned, hardcore gym, complete with rows and rows of top quality equipment, a friendly and knowledgeable staff with owner, Chris Lambert, at the helm, offers 24-hour access to the fitness center.

It is the only gym in Ocean City open round-the-clock and is the largest on the island, Lambert noted.

The gym is staffed throughout the day and into the evening hours. But when it is not, there is camera surveillance and only members are able to access the facilities.

The two-story facility at 1214 West Ave., with 7,500 square feet of workout room, offers ample space, machines, personal trainers by appointment, and hours to accommodate every fitness enthusiast.

Atilis Gym in Ocean City is the biggest gym in the resort.

In all of Lambert’s authentic hardcore gyms from Ocean City, to Sea Isle, Wildwood and Egg Harbor Township, members are treated to friendly service and no gimmicks.

“We have great shore locations and we offer a safe, affordable gym, with no gimmicks, contracts or hidden fees,” Lambert said in an interview Wednesday in between greeting customers the Ocean City location.

Memberships are affordable and there are never add-on costs, he stressed.

“My father taught me if you want to make money, you have to give people something they want to come back for, not just every month, but every year,” Lambert, a former Lower Township police officer said.

For $40 a month, customers have access to all of the Atilis Gyms. A three-month membership is $90 and there are also discounted memberships of $30 a month for students, first responders, seniors and city workers.

Chris Lambert, owner of Atilis gyms shows the assortment of supplements available to members.

Justin McCabe, of Ocean City, a carpenter, joined Atilis six months ago and makes it part of his daily routine.

“I like the open space here and the versatility of machines and the hours,” McCabe said Wednesday, while lifting weights.

He added that the assortment of supplements is also an added bonus.

“There is every supplement possible that I need here,” McCabe said.

Scott Andrews, of Marmora, was working out on the first floor, while McCabe was on the second floor.

Andrews works out six days a week. For the construction worker, the 24-hour gym offers the convenience he needs, not to mention a wide array of equipment.

“The biggest thing for me is definitely the 24-hour access. I come here early in the morning before I have to go to work,” Andrews said.

Andrews joined Atilis about five months ago after being diagnosed with diabetes.

“Working out keeps my diabetes in control,” Andrews said. “Atilis makes it easier to work out because I can come any time I want.”

While Andrews and McCabe like their workout routines and don’t have personal trainers, other members take advantage of a personalized exercise plan.

Scott Andrews, of Marmora, says working out at Atilis helps keep him in good health.

Lambert’s wife, Lesya, who helps designs the Atilis clothing line, is one of the personal trainers. There are also several other trainers available at Atilis gyms, all available by appointment.

He attributes the help of his wife, Lesya, and his two sons, Cody and Brandon, for the success of Atilis.

Lambert’s son Cody owns the Sea Isle Atilis Gym and Brandon, who is a teenager, is learning the business.

Lambert bought his first Atilis Gym in Wildwood in 1996. It remains the flagship location in a business that continues to gain members and popularity.

Ocean City resident, author and President of the Library Board of Trustees Jennifer Shirk, is a more recent member of the gym

She said after her workout routine on a treadmill Wednesday that she likes the serious fitness offered at Atilis.

Shirk, who has a personal trainer, said she likes the atmosphere and she especially likes having a personal trainer to help guide her exercise routine.

“It is very motivating to come here to workout. My trainer gives me that extra push,” Shirk noted. “Everyone here is serious about their workouts. I have a short amount of time to work out, so it is really the perfect place for me. I’m here to do a serious workout because I am serious about my health.”

Shirk, whose family also have memberships to Atilis, added that there are many exercise machines to choose from.

“There is plenty of equipment for cardio and weights,” she said.

For gym locations and more information on Atilis Gym visit: www.atilisgym.com or call Chris Lambert at (609) 408-9011.

Atilis Gym in Ocean City is located at 1214 West Ave.