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Nadine Jarrard Provides Marketing Ideas for Promoting a Business on TikTok

Nadine Jarrard CA

Nadine Jarrard works in the advertising and marketing industry with a specialty of utilizing and building on emerging trends. In the following article, Nadine Jarrard discusses how businesses can and should utilize the social media platform, TikTok, to promote their business and gain a following from loyal customers.

In an overcrowded handmade goods market, Dasha Derkach was struggling to find customers for her scrunchie business ‘Enchanted Scrunch’.

Nadine Jarrard reports that Derkach launched Enchanted Scrunch in 2021 as a lower-cost alternative to the venerable accessory while also providing a wider range of designs. She started promoting her brand primarily on Instagram but didn’t gain much traction — until she posted on TikTok.

Her first video on the platform yielded 10 orders and 15,000 views the same day it was posted. Eventually, one of her videos received over 3 million views!

Now, 90% of Enchanted Scrunch sales are made directly through the TikTok platform. Because of her daily posts, Derkach notches nearly 500 weekly orders.

Enchanted Scrunch is just one of the countless success stories for businesses posting on the now-ubiquitous social platform, which launched in 2016. Its popularity, especially with young consumers, has made it a red-hot approach for businesses big and small to gain name recognition and jump-start sales.

Nadine Jarrard explains that the platform takes customer engagement to a whole new level. For most businesses, that’s just too enticing to ignore.

Nadine Jarrard on Getting Started

Social media’s power is undeniable, and it has been a remarkable rise for the three-minute limit video-sharing app. In 2022, TikTok was the most-downloaded mobile app with 672 million uploads and 30% of its 1 billion users explore the app every day.

Nadine Jarrard says that TikTok ranks as the social media platform with the highest engagement rate, and its users are coveted by small and large businesses. Roughly half of users purchase something following a live TikTok video post.

For business, TikTok is attractive in part because it’s easy to get started. Many companies first create a business account directly from the app.

Nadine Jarrard also reports that it’s best to add a photo — often a company logo — and create a bio that typically outlines the fundamentals of what a brand offers.

Next comes a little bit of work. Some of the most effective social media business accounts dig deep into how the platform’s users generally consume content. Think of it as a modern version of customer research.

Early on, Nadine Jarrard says that businesses can see the type of videos that take off with their audiences while noting the videos that may land with a thud.

TikTok Toolbox

Success on any social platform does not happen overnight. Even if a video goes viral, it commonly takes several months for a business to get into a social-advertising groove. There are several key elements for businesses to consider boosting engagement rates as well as sales. These include:


Similar to how they are used on Instagram and Twitter, carefully considered hashtags on TikTok can make a big difference in how quickly consumers find businesses on the platform. The most popular hashtags can be found on the app’s “For Your Page” tab.

Nadine Jarrard CA Posting Consistently

Nadine Jarrard reports that followers are often gained when businesses commit to regular and consistent posting. This may mean once per week or several times a day — it often depends on the type of consumers businesses are targeting.

There are even certain times of the day when posting on TikTok may be most impactful.

Using Analytics

Nadine Jarrard says that by joining the platform to promote a business, accounts have access to metrics that may lead to a more refined approach. These analytics show overall video and profile views, notable comments, and the frequency of comments and “likes.”

Consumer Interactions

Comments and shares are on TikTok for a reason. If a user leaves a kind comment, asks a question, or shares their own content related to a business or its products, it can pay off handsomely to engage with — and celebrate — such individuals.

Integrate a Call to Action

Is a business having a sale? Is it offering a promotional code? Is a new product on the way? This information can be shared quickly by updating the business bio. And when investing in influencer marketing, their partners may also share CTAs in their own popular feeds according to Nadine Jarrard.

Try Ads

TikTok’s marketing is often word-of-mouth and organic, but there is an option to create ads within targeted feeds. Such ads, up to 15 seconds long, are played automatically on a user’s “For You” page. There are also TopView ads which can be a minute long and land on the top of the viewer’s algorithm.


Ultimately, TikTok offers businesses a unique opportunity to reach a younger, highly engaged audience in a way that feels both authentic and relatable. By leveraging the platform’s creative tools and features, businesses can create compelling content that not only promotes their brand but also resonates with their audience on a deeper level.