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Daniel Todd Lerner of David Lerner Associates Discuss the Latest New York Yankees News

Daniel Todd Lerner and David Lerner Associates

Daniel Todd Lerner of David Lerner Associates is an avid fan of America’s Pastime. In the following article, Daniel T. Lerner discusses Yankees news – Carlos Rodón’s return to the game, cheating accusations and rule changes that may benefit players, stats, and the league.

2023’s Major League Baseball season is already in full swing — new rule changes and all. While some New York Yankees players stand to benefit from the rulebook alterations, it hasn’t been all sunshine and roses for the team thus far.

Naturally, fans are hoping for a turnaround. But until then, they have a few bits and pieces to catch up on.

Carlos Rodón Expected to Return in Late May or Early June

Daniel Todd Lerner of David Lerner Associates reports that the left-handed pitcher, Carlos Rodón, seems to be recovering from the elbow strain and back stiffness that kept him from playing — and fans couldn’t be happier.

As reported by MLB, his discomfort appears to be subsiding, as the famed pitcher played catch two days ago without problem. Following a CT scan on the afflicted area, Aaron Boone, manager, said there were no structural anomalies.

While he initially set April as his Yankees debut month, it’s now looking like May or June will see him step up to the plate instead says Daniel Todd Lerner of David Lerner Associates. Despite the longer-than-desired time off, Rodón’s elbow is healthy, and professionals have no doubt that he’ll make his debut relatively soon.

Clarke Schmidt Underperforming So Far This Season

Clarke Schmidt, a Yankees pitcher, has yet to go over four innings in four starts and has given up three or four earned runs in every outing. His ERA currently sits at 8.79 with a WHIP of 1.88 across 14.1 pitched innings.

Understandably, Daniel Todd Lerner of David Lerner Associates says that this isn’t the start the Yankees assumed for the right-handed 27-year-old player drafted 16th back in 2017. Suffice it to say, the worry is evident.

Injuries, such as Carlos Rodón’s brachioradialis strain and Luis Severino’s right lat strain, kept key members of the rotation from starting the season for the New York Yankees. So, management needs Schmidt to pitch at a big-league level. And, sadly, he hasn’t shown promise thus far.

Yankees Pitcher Speaks Out After In-Game Cheating Accusations

Daniel Todd Lerner of David Lerner Associates reports that after two consecutive losses, the New York Yankees valiantly fought back against the Minnesota Twins last Saturday night, bagging themselves a 6-1 win. However, it was alleged that the team’s pitcher may have been assisted.

Domingo German, the aforementioned pitcher, secured 11 strikeouts against the Minnesota Twins. But officials told him many times to wash his hands throughout the game after spotting excessive rosin. Earlier in the match, German was already asked to reduce the amount of rosin. However, he allegedly ignored the instructions, prompting officials to request hand washing.

Daniel Todd Lerner and David Lerner Associates For those unaware of the rosin rules — it is allowed, but it’s to be utilized moderately to ensure it doesn’t enhance performance too much. Naturally, German states he didn’t cross the line, despite Rocco Baldelli’s (Twins manager’s) complaint.

With excessive use, rosin can increase pitch quality and spin rate. Typically, Daniel Todd Lerner of David Lerner Associates explain that pitchers place a bag of the substance on their mound, whereas German decides to apply it before heading to the field.

In defense of the pitcher, he needs a translator, and the at-play language barriers may have incited an honest mistake. Plus, German explained himself upon being asked about the incident by reporters.

Via his interpreter, he said that the discussion was intense. However, he mentioned that he has a rosin bag in the dugout where he sits and was able to talk the incident over, reaching an understanding.

Some Yankees Players Set to Benefit from MLB Rule Changes

As most fans will know by now, Daniel Todd Lerner of David Lerner Associates reports that the rules have changed in MLB with the addition of a pitch clock, disengagement limitations, and bigger bases. While some weren’t so keen on the alterations, the shift is set to benefit a few New York Yankees players.

Last year, Anthony Rizzo bagged the most batted ball events at high exit velocities. His spray chart shows at least 12 balls were hit into the shift teeth, where no 2B will be placed this year. If batting averages are taken at face value, he should’ve garnered 12-13 more hits last season, taking him from a .224 average to a .250.

Daniel Todd Lerner of David Lerner Associates says that Rizzo isn’t the only one expected to benefit here — Josh Donaldson, Gleyber Torres, and Bryan Reynolds are also set to see advantages from the new rules.