Mayor Jay Gillian: City to Recommend Financing Marina Project at 10th Street

Mayor Jay Gillian: City to Recommend Financing Marina Project at 10th Street


The following is Ocean City Mayor Jay Gillian’s weekly update to citizens posted on Friday, June 6.

The mayor addresses a proposal to reconstruct a working marina and restaurant on the 900 block of Palen Avenue at the site of the former Dan’s Dockside Marina.

The Gill family — neighbors of the property and owners of a successful fishing tackle supply business — is the contract purchaser for the bank-owned property. They hope to build a marina that could include at least 18 boat slips; a marine fueling station; a building with a restaurant on the first floor, retail space on the second floor and a residence on the third; and 44 parking spaces in a surface lot.

The existence of old underground fuel tanks on the property has been cited as one potential obstacle to traditional financing.


June 6, 2014

Dear Friends,

At next week’s Council meeting, the Administration will recommend approval of an agreement with the Gill Family to redevelop the marina at 10th and the Bay.  This project is essential to the quality of life of the neighborhood and will ultimately provide needed resources for boaters and fishermen, and provide another opportunity for public access to the bayfront for everyone.

Council will be asked to consider a resolution approving a redevelopment agreement.  Council will also be asked for first reading approval on a bond ordinance to put funding in place.  The administration is supporting this project because it is in the best interest of the entire community.  The city will advance some funding to the project simply because it cannot be financed any other way.  Any taxpayer funds advanced will be paid back in full, including interest, within seven years.

We have been talking about this project for several years now.  The neighborhood has been suffering with an eyesore that has environmental problems and a bad bulkhead.   Our boating community has endured too long without a fueling station in town and insufficient marina space.

I would like to thank the Gill family for their commitment to our community and for partnering with us to improve the site. I would also like to thank the neighborhood for patiently waiting for progress to occur.  This is another example of how if we stay positive and work together, some really great things can happen.

Warm regards,

Jay A. Gillian