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Jared Kamrass Discusses Ohio State Athletics

Jared Kamrass

Jared Kamrass of Cincinnati, Ohio is a proud graduate of Ohio State University and the University of Cincinnati. As an avid sports fan, Jared Kamrass discusses in the article below current Ohio State athletics, both football and soccer, and recent inductees into the athletic recognition program as well.

Ohio State has been long known for its athletics and this past month has yet again proven their great athletic prowess and dominance in the world of sports explains Jared Kamrass of Cincinnati, OH.

Many Buckeye students that are also athletes were formally recognized to be in a special athletic recognition program on Saturday September 10th. Additionally, OSU won in men’s soccer with a 2-0 win against Butler on Friday, September 9th. Finally, the Buckeyes have dropped to the number 2 spot after their win against Arkansas State due to the Irish taking a loss to Notre Dame.

Jared Kamrass discusses in the article below which athletes were inducted into their athletic recognition program, the men’s soccer win and the OSU win over Arkansas State.

Buckeye Students Recognized at Football Game

During the OSU/Arkansas State football game, they not only won 45-12 but also the team also had many students named at halftime be added into a program which recognizes OSU students who are not only athletes, but contribute to society, the community, or the school in a powerful way explains Jared Kamrass.

These students first went to a session where they were recognized on the media, then had a social hour and ceremonial dinner on September 9th. To be inducted into this program, these students must earn at least one Varsity “O” letter and be able to show some sort of outstanding conduct in not only sports but personal life, career, merit and personal contributions to the community according to Jared Kamrass of Cincinnati, OH.

Ohio State Buckeyes Win in Men’s Soccer Against Bulldogs

In other news, OSU also enjoyed a win against the Butler Bulldogs in men’s soccer with a 2-0 end score on Friday September 9th at the Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium. This win allowed OSU to remain undefeated when going on to face the Akron Zips (away) on Tuesday September 13th, at 7 p.m. EST.

Jared Kamrass explains that senior goalkeeper Keagan McLaughlin was able to block four attempted goals against the Bulldogs and save Ohio State from defeat. Keagan was recently named Player of the Week, being able to provide much assistance in every game thus far this season in the men’s soccer league.

Although the first half of the game was a bit slow with neither team being able to make progress down the field, the second half proved more fateful for Ohio State says Jared Kamrass.

However, with a slip from Butler’s goalkeeper OSU was able to make their first score on the Bulldogs and get the momentum going in their direction to solidify a win. With more wins for the Ohio State men’s soccer league, they’ll be well underway to entering the playoffs.

Jared KamrassOhio State Buckeyes Dominate Arkansas State

OSU was able to dominate Arkansas State on Saturday, September 10th with a final score of 45-12. This dropped them down to the second spot because of the Irish being defeated by Marshall 0-2. The win was not necessarily a bad thing; rather, when Notre Dame overcame the Irish it bumped OSU down in rank by two.

Although two OSU starting receivers were injured, Marvin Harrison Jr. was able to assist in carrying the team to victory. With Marvin able to display amazing teamwork with Ohio State’s leading quarterback C.J. Stroud, a victory was almost a guarantee says Jared Kamrass.

With a total of three touchdown passes and gaining a total of 184 yards on Arkansas State, Harrison (the son of NFL star Marvin Harrison) greatly contributed to the Saturday win. Even better, he accumulated 42 of those yards with just two touchdowns. It was obvious during Saturday’s game that Stroud and Harrison made a great duo.

Players such as TreVeyon Henderson and Emeka Egbuka helped OSU to victory Saturday, with TreVeyon running for two scores and Emeka having a 51-yard touchdown reception. In total, TreVeyon was able to gain 87 yards with a total of ten carries. Ohio State definitely put the pressure on Arkansas State, making it difficult for them to make any mistakes says Jared Kamrass.

As Ohio State continues to fill in areas that need fine-tuning, they may well be on their way to making it back to spot number one in the power rankings. They’ll be facing off against Toledo on Saturday September 17th at 7 pm EST. With another win and some wins following their faceoff with Toledo, they might be able to rise in ranking at least one more spot.


Ohio State has had a good month athletically, from having key players being inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame, winning in men’s soccer against Butler and shutting down Arkansas State in football with a 45-12 score. Although Ohio State dropped in the Big Ten power ranking list, it’s only because of the Irish’ recent loss and this can easily be remediated if the Buckeyes stay focused.

Ohio State has always been known for its dominance in the world of sports, and this month has proven no different for most Ohio State teams. With the upcoming college football season and a long season left of college soccer, OSU can definitely prove to be superior in multiple athletic areas by the end of 2022.