Betsy Ronel Discusses the New Lifetime Reality Show ‘5 Guys A Week’

Betsy Ronel Discusses the New Lifetime Reality Show ‘5 Guys A Week’

Betsy Ronel

Betsy Ronel is a star of the new to the US dating series that began in the UK, ‘5 Guys a Week’, #5guysaweek on This new reality show hitting the airwaves called ‘5 Guys A Week’ on Lifetime Network, this show is going to change the way viewers watch relationship TV.

A successful real estate broker in Westchester County, NY starring on a reality tv show was not in Betsy Ronel’s plans. After months of seduction from the producers, Betsy Ronel agreed to be on the show for a few reasons that meant something to her: 1. That she would be the first widow starring in reality tv. “Young widows are a part of society’s fabric yet little consideration is made for young widows. To draw attention to this group was important to me. Death is different than divorce. Becoming a sole single parent when that was not part of the plan is daunting. Handling all life throws at you completely alone is hard. And not many women be one widows under the age of 50 so we a quiet club.” 2. The diversity of the female leads was important to her. A big proponent of women, Betsy felt that being in a cast w cultural and economic differences amongst the women was important. “The wide age range of the leading ladies was of notable importance to me. Our ladies range from early tanneries to age 70! Now that’s unique! Women of all ages want love. Love is different and meaningful at any age. I am proud that this show is demonstrating that.” 3. This was not a highly stylized show. “I like the fact that it’s filmed in our homes, in a casual relaxed way. It’s not what audiences are used to with a highly produced platform and flawless set. We see the real women in real settings. And that matched my personality. I like authentic and real.”

So busy with her career Betsy Ronel always said if she were to find love again it would have to knock on her door. Well, that chance occurs on 5 Guys a Week. Does she find everlasting love? Start streaming on 9/28 to find out. Betsy Ronel’s episode will be available for 30 days from 9/28.

Betsy Ronel discusses further below her opportunity to find love in a new, exciting way, and what this journey means to her.

Betsy Ronel says that Lifetime has just released this provocative new social experiment in the US streaming, that focuses on a new lead woman each episode, herself included. One adventurous single woman invites five eligible bachelors into her home for one week, not necessarily looking for a husband, but unapologetically looking for love. Betsy Ronel explains that while living in cramped quarters, contestants will share a bathroom, housework, and romancing their leading lady. This show has competitors in the age ranges of 20-70.

In the following article, Betsy Ronel will explore what the show ‘5 Guys A Week’ is about and why everyone should add it to their dating show collection.

‘5 Guys A Week’ – Will Any Be Husband Material?

This new show is not anyone’s average dating or find a husband show says Betsy Ronel. It comes with a twist on commonly seen dating shows, only allowing everyone to date and get to know each other for seven days before a new female lead and set of men are selected. The female must date each of these men within her own home and eventually choose which one to date exclusively.

“There’s something satisfying about watching five bachelors follow an attractive, accomplished woman around, vying and competing for her attention in ways the woman is in control of,” says Betsy Ronel. The interesting thing about this show is that the show takes place within the woman’s home, and the homes vary in size, condition, etc. It’s raw and authentic.

Betsy Ronel says that viewers can get a little insight into how the leading lady lives her daily life by simply observing her home, her career, and her interactions with the participants. Additionally, by watching the female lead interact with a series of different men simultaneously, they can observe her in different dating settings in a short amount of time. It’s kind of like speed dating!

Betsy Ronel says that this show is succeeding in pulling viewers in with its unusual setup – crowding five grown, husband-material bachelors who are all ready to compete to win the love of their leading lady in an unfamiliar setting to them but very familiar to her – giving the leading lady the advantage. These bachelors can be viewed in the show sleeping on floors, crowding into small rooms in the home, and competing not only for the girl but for the bathroom, jokes Betsy Ronel. I at least let my men have my guest level to themselves.

Why Everyone Should Be Watching ‘5 Guys A Week’

‘5 Guys A Week’ has a lot to offer every viewer of any background, and not just the satisfaction of observing a lonely man and woman finally come together after years of romantic thirst. This show will offer viewers the chance to watch what different personalities of men do when they’re forced into awkward living conditions with the goal of winning a woman’s heart.

This show is unique in that not only are conditions a bit cramped, but viewers get to watch contestants share many activities, meals, and drinks together (where things get very interesting). ‘5 Guys A Week’ offers so much juicy drama, viewers won’t be able to stop watching. Each day, a man will be eliminated based on the female’s preferences.

Finally, ‘5 Guys A Week’ offers viewers a chance to observe any age range, especially ones that they can connect most to, date, and at times become intimate and just have fun.

If viewers enjoy dating and drama shows, ‘5 Guys A Week’ is definitely a show they must check out explains Betsy Ronel. With so much to offer every one of different backgrounds, this show is relatable to a wider audience and it’s easy to reel viewers in. The show also succeeds in providing candid footage of participants, greatly adding to its appeal. With over 20 cameras situated throughout the house, the laughs, drama, and shocking twists will be revealed. The series made its debut on Wednesday, July 13th, 2022.


If anyone is looking to add a new show to their streaming schedule, ‘5 Guys A Week’ is recommended to all. With the different ages of cast members, the show offers something for everyone to tap into.