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Troy Thompson of Salem, NH, on The Benefits of Military Service


Troy Thompson of Salem, NH, was drafted into the United States Army in 1965. Serving in Vietnam and earning several promotions throughout his military service, Troy Thompson of Salem, NH, is exceptionally proud of his accomplishments and speaks glowingly of the benefits of military service. Understanding that people have many different paths they can take in life, Troy Thompson will touch on some of the great benefits of joining the Army. While today’s article will focus on some of the literal benefits provided by the United States government, Troy Thompson would be remiss not to mention the life lessons learned and the pride of serving the country one loves.

Troy Thompson of Salem, NH, on Benefits While Serving

When people sign up for the United States Army, they don’t need to put their education on hold. In actuality, countless soldiers can pursue a college education at a lesser cost, thanks to their service. There are different levels of financial assistance provided through the GI Bill. There are also tuition assistance programs and many different scholarships that can come from exemplary military service. Many Army recruitment offices will leverage the educational benefits to attract recruits. Whether someone falls in love with their military service and decided to be a career member of the military or looks to pursue a career in a different industry, there are a number of certifications and credentials that can set a person up for success in their desired field.

Healthcare benefits are significant for soldiers. Coverage either comes free of monetary cost or at a much lower rate. Family coverage for soldiers includes medical, dental, vision, pharmacy, and life insurance. Access to some of the top medical care facilities in the country is provided to military members and their family.

When it comes to money, soldiers can earn a competitive salary that increases over the number of years served and the increase in ranks obtained throughout the years. Active soldiers also receive allowances and incentives on top of their regular salary.

Troy Thompson of Salem, NH, on Benefits After Serving

Few things look better on a professional resume than military service. American companies love thanking soldiers for their service by welcoming them aboard their organization. The United States has also come a long way in supporting soldiers struggling to return to civilian life. Federal Veteran Affairs programs are explicitly designed to support soldiers after they serve. All Army members are eligible to enter the retirement program. There are different options based on individual needs, but Troy Thompson recommends discussing those options as early into a military career as possible. Those who transition into a career in civilian life can always roll their 401k into the next retirement fund.

Troy Thompson of Salem, NH, on Family Benefits

Families of soldiers gain access to TRICARE health care plans. These plans offer the same low or no-cost health benefits that soldiers gain. Full-time soldiers’ coverage benefits equal zero out-of-pocket costs to full-time soldiers and dependents. Part-time soldiers will have family healthcare coverage at a reduced monthly payment rate. Families of both full-time and part-time soldiers will have access to vision, dental, mental health, life insurance, pharmacy, and vision coverage.

The above benefits offer incredible security for modern American military members. There are obvious inherent risks that Troy Thompson believes every soldier should understand when they volunteer. Being a soldier is not easy to do. It involves incredible hard work and dedication, but it also rewards people by helping them become the best version of themselves. There’s also something gratifying to serving the country you love. Troy Thompson recommends that every potential soldier takes the decision seriously, but he credits the Army for many blessings in his life.