Do You Have the Treasures for an ‘Old Year’s Celebration’?

Do You Have the Treasures for an ‘Old Year’s Celebration’?

The Ocean City Historical Museum has a collection of hidden treasures from the past, but a new event, an ‘Old Year’s Celebration,’ could invite the public to share their own pieces of history and nostalgia.

The following query is from Ocean City Public Relations Director Mark Soifer:

New event?

We have been talking with the Ocean City Historical Museum about establishing a new event. It would be an “Old Year’s Celebration.” Folks would bring in their favorite keepsakes for display and give background information about them.

I think we would see some very interesting things from the past. For instance, I have a six-inch-diameter JFK campaign button (huge for such an item) that I’d like to show off. Plus, a baseball signed by Joe DiMaggio when he was grand marshal of our Baby Parade in 1983. I also have a weathered outfielder’s baseball glove that dates back to the 1940s. You’d be surprised how small it is compared to the gloves that outfielders use today.

Do you like such an idea? Do you have treasured items you would like others to see? Would you bring them to the museum for an “Old Year’s” exhibition? Would you be willing to come talk about these items some evening or afternoon at the museum or at least write down what they are and why they are important to you?

Please let us know. Email or call (609) 399-6111, ext. 9300.