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Tranell Morant Provides Tips for Improving Business Communication Through Recent COVID Developments


Business professionals that are continuing to push their teams towards their goals during the pandemic realize that there are many obstacles that can impede proper business communication. For example, as recent developments regarding the Delta variant of COVID-19 surface, businesses are left needing to ensure that administration and employees are on the same page with safety and work protocols.

Tranell Morant’s specialty in implementing business communication strategies for businesses in multiple industries provides him with several key insights for how to ensure that communication remains a strong point during the pandemic.

Tranell realizes that many business administrators are rightfully trying to unify their messaging while supporting team members and making sure deliverables are handled. Tranell notes that this can be a daunting task and, here, offers streamlined ways administrators can improve their business communication and work together through recent COVID developments.

Decide How Delta Variant Will Impact Policies

From an administrative standpoint, it is always important to have a fruitful plan ahead of implementing strategies to push towards a specific goal. Regarding the Delta variant, businesses may want to evaluate their existing safety protocols in the office to decide whether they will need to be changed considering recent news.

As information on breakthrough cases and the increased contagiousness of the variant comes in, some offices are deciding that returning to masks is one of the safest ways to prevent spread throughout office settings. Companies may also examine their stance on employees being required to take the vaccine if they fall outside of the groups that may be in danger if they do so. Other policies such as cleaning and the potential for certain employees to work remotely are also worth evaluating ahead of communicating changes to team members.

Tranell speaks to how having a unified plan before making outreach to the team is a great way to ensure that messaging remains consistent and helpful. Administrators are responsible for keeping their employees on the same page, and it is crucial to remember that planning is the first step in doing so.

Communicate Clearly, Honestly, and Frequently

Once you have a plan that you and the rest of the administrative team can rally behind, it is important to share your thoughts and insights with the rest of your team. When doing so, you will want to communicate as clearly and honestly as possible, updating employees with details relevant to the situation as frequently as needed.

There are many reasons that it is important to tailor your outreach to your employees to contribute to unified messaging from the company. One of the biggest reasons is that it helps keep employees feeling safe and supported, making them much less likely to panic or seek out potential sources of disinformation.

Clear and honest communication channels also ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to policy and protocols. When companies do not try to maintain control over the messaging that is dispersed throughout an office setting, there is always a chance that less than helpful information will be what floats to the top. Instead, it is best to keep supplying information that will be vital to how employees can complete their various jobs as well as remain safe throughout the rest of the pandemic.

Tranell notes that keeping unified messaging can sometimes be daunting for companies. This is especially the case when an update that needs to be made does not fall in line with previous correspondence surrounding the pandemic. Remember that, if situations change that merit a conversation about workplace safety, protocol, or job duties, you and your team should not sit on this information to wait for the “right time”. Great administrators will always choose candor over charisma when it comes to communicating rapidly changing updates.

Employees will appreciate the honesty of thoughtful business communication that  aims to be helpful

Maintain a Human Centric Approach to Business Communication

The past year and change have emphasized the importance of keeping empathy as an integral part of our communications. Reason being we do not always truly know the impact that the pandemic is having on the lives of employees and their families. Tranell Morant recognizes that one of the best ways to avoid missteps when dealing with sensitive topics is to keep your messaging human centric and supportive.

The evolving situation with variants leaves many uncertainties for employees. Some will question if they need to work remotely, if their jobs will require them to receive a vaccination, what steps the workplace will take to ensure their safety, and whether they will have job security or not as developments unfold.

Tranell cautions administrators to consider how their messaging comes off before signing off on having information sent companywide. The tone of business communication often defines how it will be absorbed by team members, and it is always a great idea to communicate even less than stellar developments in a way that puts the thoughts, feelings, and overall wellbeing of the team front and center.

Always try to keep in mind that employees will remember how they were treated when evolving situations made them consider their health, safety, and ability to perform essential job duties. Do right by your employees by showing them that their contributions, thoughts, and opinions matter and are vital to the continued success of the company.

Don’t Be Afraid to Consider How You Can Improve Communication Channels!

It is almost impossible for a company to maintain perfect business communication, but the best companies will always be looking for ways that their own messaging can be improved upon. Tranell Morant knows that the number of things to consider when tailoring messaging for the pandemic can be immense. Keeping an open mind and remaining focused on your goals to keep employees in the loop will be an asset for keeping business communication streamlined and much less stressful for admins. Do not be afraid to ask for outside help or carefully consider how you can build on your current communication channels to improve things for yourself, your employees, and your customers!