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Thursday Beach Update: Pumping to Be Complete by Tuesday

The advancing line of wide beach is now at 59th Street and will continue a short distance into Corson’s Inlet State Park.

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DATE: Thursday, Sept. 17

PROGRESS: As of Thursday at noon, pumping operations were stalled at 59th Street while a hose on the hopper dredge Liberty Island was replaced. But the replacement is expected to come quickly, and the final stage of the pumping is expected now to be complete by Tuesday. The beach at 58th Street is back open with the project area just to the south of the beach entrance. A new frontal dune runs in a straight line throughout the entire project area and will continue a few hundred feet past where the homes in Ocean City end as the project comes to a close. Beaches between 37th Street and 58th Street are now complete.

WHAT’S NEXT: Work will continue in the area at 59th Street in the final phase of the project until Tuesday, Sept. 22. The contractor will take another five to seven days to remove pipeline, clean up and finish dune crossovers. The planting of dune grass is scheduled for November.

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