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Tedd Gullickson on Nurturing a Child’s Musical Talents

Tedd Gullickson

As a lifelong music education professional, Tedd Gullickson has helped countless students nurture their musical talents. As a result, parents often ask Tedd Gullickson for advice on how to best encourage their child’s ability to play their instrument of choice. Today, Tedd Gullickson will look at some of the best ways to foster a love of music.

Tedd Gullickson believes passion is the most important attribute, especially at first. Parents should not be worried about how perfectly their child plays an instrument at a young age, but they should be aware of how interested their child is in playing it. When a student shows a genuine interest in playing, the best thing a parent can do is offer support. Understanding that musicianship takes years to develop is critical.

At the start of a musical journey, students who learn an instrument are not just learning how to play a piece, but about responsibility, perseverance, and dependability. Even the most naturally talented musicians must show dedication to their craft to grow as artists. Even students who don’t pursue a career in music will benefit significantly from the lessons learned while playing music. Responsibility, perseverance, and dependability will serve a child well in whatever field they pursue.

As a child enters high school, it becomes more apparent when a musician has a unique talent. Students who have shown exceptional skills will need parents to help them seek instruction from professionals outside their school system.

Tedd Gullickson hopes parents see that nurturing musical talent in a child comes down to supporting them in their interests. This is true of any extracurricular activity that a child shows interest in at an early age. Once a child has committed to their instrument, the parent’s role develops into a motivator. They also need to be their child’s biggest fan. Sometimes, everyone needs a little extra boost from a trusted figure they know is in their corner.