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Shayne Shayer Provides Holiday Hair Tips

Shayne Shayer

As the owner of a successful hair salon, Shayne Shayer knows that the holiday season brings an increase in business for beauty salons across the country. Whether it’s to prep for their family holiday picture or style their hair before hosting family and friends at holiday gatherings, Shayne Shayer understands how important it is that a person’s hair is ready for the holidays. Today, Shayne Shayer will provide some holiday hair tips that ensure people can look their best long after their next visit to the hair salon.

The first step to avoiding a bad hair day during the holiday season is to understand the hair type a person is dealing with. While Shayne Shayer will provide some general tips, there are specific tips for different hair types. People with fine hair need different shampoo and conditioner than those with thick, curly hair, for instance. Thinner hair has less protein in it, so beauty products that give volume and strength are a must. Those with thicker hair will want to look to obtain products that give hair a softer texture. Those who are unsure of the best products for their hair needs should discuss it with their hair stylist. An experienced stylist, like Shayne Shayer, can provide guidance on what ingredients to look for when reading shampoo and conditioner bottles.

When it comes to the most common hair mistakes, Shayne Shayer often points to how people treat their hair after exercising. It’s not uncommon for women to wash their hair daily thanks to their daily workout routines. However, Shayne Shayer recommends skipping washes on days that people don’t sweat all that much. Washing the hair too much, especially after having hair colored, can result in dry and cracked skin. Also, most shampoo labels will suggest to lather, rinse and repeat. This is a tactic that simply helps sell more product rather than boost hair health. When the time comes to wash hair, Shayne Shayer believes there’s no true reason to repeat the process.

When customers come to Shayne Shayer with complaints that their hair is unruly no matter what products they seem to try, Shayer has two different suggestions. The first is to make the switch to organic hair products. Some people simply have hair that respond better to natural products. Organic options are available for those with fine hair, curly hair, thick hair and more. The second suggestion is to consider that the water coming from your showerhead may be hard. The mineral deposits from hard water can wreak havoc on all sorts of hair and skin types. Fortunately, there are countless shower head filters on the market that can remove mineral deposits before they cause symptoms like dry scalp or tangled, unruly hair.

When combing out hair after a shower, be sure to only utilize a brush that is meant for wet hair. A regular brush on wet hair can be painful and harm the health of the hair in the process. Another common mistake after exiting the shower is to immediately turn to a hot air blow dryer. Blow dryers should be used sparingly, and when they are used, they should be used after the hair is dried with a towel first. When using a blow dryer, keep the heat setting low and work in sections. Applying too much heat to a single spot can wreak havoc on hair health.

Finally, the best way to avoid bad hair days during the holiday season is to stick to a schedule with the hair stylist of your choice. It becomes a lot easier to maintain a hair routine when a person knows exactly how long it will be between each visit to their hairdresser. A standard visiting plan will also allow a hairdresser to provide tips on routine maintenance to keep a person looking and feeling their best.