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Shawn Baumann Reports on the Celebration of Student Athletes at Maspeth High

Shawn Baumann White Plains NY

Shawn Baumann is an educator and the former athletic director at Maspeth High School in Queens. The year 2023 marked a significant milestone as Maspeth’s athletic banquet made its return, breaking a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic.

The event shone a spotlight on the remarkable achievements of 28 teams and over 200 dedicated student athletes.

In this article, Shawn Baumann delves into the profound significance of honoring these individuals, shedding light on the transformative power of sports for high school students.

It prompts the question: Why does Maspeth High School place such emphasis on athletics? How does this commitment to sports align with their dedication to science and the arts? The answers unveil a holistic approach to education that recognizes the pivotal role sports play in shaping well-rounded, accomplished individuals.

Shawn Baumann Says that the 2023 Annual Athletic Banquet Was More Special Than Ever Before

To Maspeth students, their banquet was as grand as they had imagined: a get-together, dinner, photo booths, balloons scattered in the venue, and awards and recognitions for the student-athletes – all 200 of them.

After all, everyone there deserved to celebrate such a splendid banquet as they had to cancel the event for two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shawn Baumann of White Plains, NY says that in a QNS.com article, Jesse Patcher (Vice Principal and Athletic Director of Maspeth High School) said that, as anticipated as the annual banquet is, there’s been a decrease in students participating in athletics.

Patcher notes that it could be due to COVID-19 – where students had to cope with stress and fatigue. Nonetheless, they’re hopeful that the banquet will enliven the Argonauts’ athletic spirits.

Shawn Baumann of White Plains, NY says that to Maspeth High School, incorporating athletics in its curriculum is a must, as it can shape kids’ principles early on – principles they can bring to adulthood.

Athletics in Youth: Training the Mind, Body, and Spirit to Become Exceptional Adults

Beyond getting fit, children can also learn life skills and core values as they play and compete in sports.

A journal by the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition Science Board stated that “participating in youth sports can lead to immediate and long-term benefits for youth, their families, and communities.”

And there are many reasons why.

Here are a few of them:

Athletics Teaches Discipline and Responsibility

Shawn Baumann of White Plains, NY explains that no matter how talented, skilled, or gifted a child may be in a sport, training is still crucial for improvement or consistency.

If a child recognizes the importance of training or the value of victory, parents or coaches may not even tell a kid to train anymore – they might do it by themselves. And by focusing on training, instead of letting distractions sway them, they’re also learning to be responsible.

However, just because they’re training instead of playing like other kids, that doesn’t mean they’re having less fun.

It Encourages and Motivates Children

Shawn Baumann of White Plains, NY notes that some kids have to be bribed by parents to participate in something. However, most student-athletes don’t need such – wins and awards are fulfilling enough; they’re more than happy to receive recognition for their hard work, along with the camaraderie from their teammates.

Sometimes, however, they seek these recognitions not just for themselves – but also for others.

Shawn Baumann White Plains NYAthletics Promote Teamwork and Unity

Shawn Baumann of White Plains, NY reports that team sports may seem easy due to the number of other athletes helping each other score points, but team sports must involve excellent communication and coordination.

Without teamwork and unity, all will fail – this is a concept that student-athletes learn right from the beginning. Along the way, they’ll also grasp that one team member’s achievement is everybody else’s.

This also goes for individual sports, where coaches and trainers also aid them.
That said, their appreciation for these key people can cultivate respect.

It Also Teaches Respect and Humility

As stated, without the support of others, student-athletes will find it more difficult to succeed. And it won’t take long for them to realize that the people supporting them could be doing other things – yet they chose to rally behind the child instead.

Shawn Baumann of White Plains, NY explains that to a child, this means they must repay the time and effort devoted to them – by securing wins, listening to advice, or through a simple “thank you.”

Because even if the children are young, they value people who value them – they do their best for people who believe they have the potential to be the best in their sport.


Maspeth High School students attended the school’s athletic banquet after two years of postponement. Though they’re still in the process of rekindling the athletic spirit, the Argonauts will bounce back in no time.

Shawn Baumann of White Plains, NY says that as most student-athletes are, Maspeth High School student-athletes possess discipline and are highly motivated to compete and win.