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Samuel Joseph Thomson Discusses Football’s Six Life Lessons

Samuel Joseph Thomson Southington CT

Sam Thomson of Southington, CT is an education professional and assistant football coach. In the following article, Samuel Joseph Thomson discusses the life lessons America’s favorite sport can teach players about perseverance, teamwork, and success.

Football garners many die-hard fans across the United States of America — the Super Bowl is such an enigmatic, anticipated event for a reason. But the sport isn’t just a game to enjoy playing, supporting, or watching. It teaches valuable life lessons that players take with them long after they’ve shed their cleats.

Countless studies have shown the positive effects of sports on young athletes. It gives them the skills required for healthy social and physiological development. And these benefits only expand as players age, transforming into lessons that build a solid foundation for other aspects of their lives.

Sam Thomson of Southington, CT says that whether individuals are hardcore football fans or not, the sport will provide at least six priceless life lessons.

Close Isn’t Close Enough

Being close is good, but it isn’t quite enough on the field. In football, “close” can be the difference between clinching the win and missing by an inch in soul-crushing defeat.
Sam Thomson of Southington, CT says that anybody can have a go at playing football. But only some individuals perfect their craft enough to become experts.

In other situations, “close” might mean almost getting a dream job, almost starting a business, or almost fulfilling traveling aspirations. It’s close, but it’s not close enough.

Patience is Truly Virtue

Sam Thomson of Southington, CT says that everyone has heard the phrase, “good things come to those who wait,” and if there’s anybody who understands this phrase the most, it’s footballers and their fans — they’re always waiting for that game-winning point-scoring move.

Usually, such moments are worth waiting for. So, even though sports enthusiasts and players tense up while waiting for it to happen, it’s all worthwhile in the end.

But fans practice patience in other areas. Sam Thomson of Southington, CT reports that most people in the stadium’s stands will wait to use the restroom in case they miss the best part. That’s a form of patience, whether it’s good for the bladder or not.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

While many may not appreciate the myriad of cliches thrown around when discussing life lessons, there’s truly no “I” in team. And football is one of the few sports that requires a real team effort to make it to the end.

Sam Thomson of Southington, CT says that to be a successful football athlete, individuals have to learn to sacrifice individual praise for the good of the team.

Quarterbacks, for example, might want to pass, but they can’t throw the ball if the team is better off handing it to a running back. Similarly, wide receivers need to be blocking for teammates who have the ball.

Life is also a team sport. Successes ultimately depend on someone’s ability to work collaboratively. Thinking about the group they belong to, as well as the individual aspirations of the members, goes a long way.

Samuel Joseph Thomson Southington CTWork Hard, Play Smart

Samuel Joseph Thomson of Southington, CT says that football is a complex, strenuous game, with some experts citing both as reasons it teaches so many life lessons.

Hard work is certainly required to be successful, but it isn’t the only thing. Playing smart by studying playbooks, watching tapes, and learning about the game is incredibly important to give teams the best chance at clinching victory.

Like football, life is complex and sometimes strenuous. Regardless of the path people take, success still requires hard work. Nothing just falls into anybody’s lap.

And since life has even more facets than football. Tackling it with wit is vital. The more someone knows about their craft, the better they’ll be.

Play Through the Pain

Samuel Joseph Thomson of Southington, CT says that football athletes are bound to get hurt at some point — it’s a rough contact sport, after all. But players who want to continue with the game have to brace themselves and work through it.

Similarly, life is rough, dangerous, and constantly threatens mental wellness and overall well-being. Avoiding pain simply isn’t an option. Instead, football teaches people to stand up, dust off, and carry on.

Think Like a Winner

Samuel Joseph Thomson of Southington, CT says that if football was played without caring about the win, the intensity wouldn’t be present. Each side wants to score more points than their opposition to reign supreme.

Life is much better and more exciting when people play to win. Of course, winning isn’t everything. However, no one would argue that it’s more enjoyable than losing.