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Realtor Jack Elkins on Luxury Architectural Design Trends


As a leading realtor in Palm Beach, Florida, Jack Elkins is frequently showing homes that take advantage of the latest architectural design trends. Luxury homes allow architects to challenge themselves in new and creative ways. Jack Elkins always enjoys seeing the latest innovations in luxury architectural designs and sharing the excitement with his customers. When looking at the latest trends, it’s clear that buyers are looking for homes that offer maximum comfort and functionality while making it easier than ever to entertain guests. Creating gorgeous structures that are as beautiful as they are functional is a challenge that only top architects can take on successfully. Let’s look at some of the latest trends.

Let’s Take it Outside

Luxury architectural design trends are impacted by what’s going on in the world at large. The COVID-19 pandemic left most people quarantining inside for the better part of a year or more. With this isolation, people were looking for different ways to get outside. Architects have responded by designing spaces that allow residents to get outside and enjoy their backyard like never before. This is especially true in an area like Palm Beach where Jack Elkins says buyers are looking for outdoor spaces they can use throughout the year. Homeowners are looking for properties that are just as exceptional outside as they are inside. This starts with designing around the water, which can either be a pool, fountain, or pond. Extravagant pool designs are often accompanied by outdoor kitchens. Those looking to buy a luxury property usually care deeply about entertaining and designing a luxurious outdoor living space makes entertaining a breeze. Many of these properties choose to take advantage of artificial turf as opposed to natural grass to lessen the upkeep and ensure proper irrigation with the pool.

Stand Out with Different Structural Designs

One key component of a luxury property is a level of uniqueness. It should standout from the pack and look unlike anything else on the block. This is most commonly accomplished with different structural designs. Designs need to provide the “wow” factor but remain functional as well. There’s been a big increase now in demand for a modern look that focuses on open floor plans with large windows and plenty of space for natural light. These structures are usually accompanied by many trees around the property to ensure some level of privacy remains even when the shades are up.  Those fortunate enough to work with an architect on the design of their luxury property are encouraged to check out all of the latest styles from storybook to modern before selecting their dream home.

Technology is a Must

As technology has advanced over the years, consumers have grown more accustomed to utilizing it during all aspects of their day. Jack Elkins says in his time as a realtor, he’s never seen a bigger push for smart homes. These properties must utilize technology through out the living space. This starts with ensuring that all the appliances within the home are top notch and extends to ensuring that everything from the thermostat to the locks and lights can be controlled all from a person’s smartphone. As a realtor, Jack Elkins believes it’s important for the realtor to get to know the personal needs of the clients as this can lead to different technological tools being required in the home. For instance, those who love music may want to ensure that there is surround sound speakers present in every room of the house. Having the ability to change the type of music being played in different rooms of the house with the touch of a button is once again an enhanced entertaining option.

Environmentally Conscious

Jack Elkins says one of the top questions he gets asked as a realtor is hoe eco-friendly a property happens to be. Buyers want to know that they are making a wise investment for their bank account as well as the environment. Major selling points include recycled materials, like wood archways, or LED lighting and solar panels. Sellers looking to have their property standout from the pack are encouraged to consider environmental upgrades. Architects must look for new and innovative ways to design structures that don’t waste materials.