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Here is how PHP Agency’s Life Insurance Services Thrived Amidst the Hardships of 2020


A bright spotlight shone on the life insurance sector all throughout 2020. The unfolding impact of the global health pandemic, coupled with people suddenly – and rightly – concerned about their legacy, sent millions scrambling to learn more. For these reasons, many of which are attributable to wise in-house decision-making, PHP Agency was able to thrive last year when other companies, endured layoffs, shuttered locations or closed-up shop altogether.

PHP Agency is a tech-enabled life insurance marketing organization that has been in business for well over a decade. As a Field Marketing Organization (FMO), the company distributes life insurance products to clients via its top-rated carrier partners. Offering the diverse and underserved middle class access to the best insurance products is the Company’s single-minded goal. Whether it is done through life insurance plans or business opportunities, premium insurance products are made available to “regular” consumers within the highly regulated industry These sought-after solutions provide all member agents the chance to provide meaningful services to families and given the events of 2020, it was a busy year to be with the PHP Agency.

“PHP is a mission driven organization that thrived during the pandemic by focusing on the purpose they serve; they were not distracted by adversity created by the pandemic,” said Mehran Assadi, Chairman, CEO and President of National Life Group.

Assadi continued, “When organizations have a ‘in spite of’ attitude they can improvise during difficult times and succeed. We at National Life Group are honored to have PHP as a strategic partner.”

PHP Agency’s Strengths Shine during Difficult Year

The ability to adapt, improvise and thrive during the pandemic put PHP Agency in a unique position. The company, which operates in a highly regulated sector and is licensed in 49 states plus Puerto Rico, has more than 18,000 life insurance licensed agents to call on. These are middle class individuals who have helped reach over 250,000 families and get them protected. The carrier partners who work with PHP Agency include well-known names in insurance like National Life Group, American National and Foresters. PHP Agency reviews reflect the fact that this company is truly committed to helping average Americans obtain life insurance; agents proudly have the freedom to speak for themselves when discussing options with new members and the net result is a plan they can count on.

The plethora of positive PHP Agency reviews received in 2020 can be attributed to a number of factors. For starters, the company did not request – nor need – federal “bailout” funds via the Paycheck Protection Program. This offering from the U.S. Small Business Association was “designed to provide a direct incentive for small businesses to keep their workers on payroll.”  That speaks volumes as to the health of the company and its longevity.

“PHP had another unbelievable growth year of over 50% with American National. Despite the continuing challenges of COVID-19, PHP continues to amaze us with their tenacity for growth and doing what is right for their customers,” said Craig Klenk, Vice President of Brokerage Sales for American National Life Insurance Company. “PHP is an open and honest business partner writing quality business which we greatly appreciate. 2021 will be even more fantastic!”

Speaking to PHP’s growth in 2020 when many other companies were flat or shrinking, Foresters Financial Chief Distribution Officer Mark Rush commented, “In 2020, PHP grew its partnership with Forester’s client-centric solutions and in the process helped PHP producers grow as entrepreneurs, opening business ownership to everyone.”

Picture: Live Regional Event in Louisville, KY hosted by top field agents Sheena & Matt Sapaula and Rodolfo & Cecilia Vargas whose businesses generate millions in revenue and have established offices across the country.

There is no doubt that the ability to grow during a pandemic must be accompanied by flexibility as an organization. For example, the company’s annual convention was moved to a virtual setting to ensure the national sales team could still benefit from the motivation, training and education that was scheduled for the convention. By making the switch to a virtual format, PHP was able to keep employees safe and even take advantage of adding more notable speakers and guests.

As tests became more readily available, PHP was able to host some regional annual kick-off events virtually and in-person for those able to attend. Despite a mix of winter snowstorms and a national pandemic, the events safely hosted more than 1,500 people who wore masks, socially distanced, and received negative COVID-19 tests. Many lessons were learned throughout the pandemic. PHP will continue to evolve by learning from past experiences and ensuring that the company is able to adapt to any challenges that may come their way.