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Park Tudor School of Indianapolis New Health and Wellness Center

Park Tudor School of Indianapolis
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Park Tudor School in Indianapolis reports that after years of planning and fundraising, the new Irsay Family Sports Center for Health and Wellness is finally complete. But how did this facility come to be, and what amenities does it offer?

The Irsay Family Sports Center for Health and Wellness was funded by donations to their “Build Possibility” campaign to build new facilities on their campus. The facility offers a state-of-the-art space for students to exercise and learn about health and wellness.

The faculty has big goals for how they will use this space. And this is only the beginning: Park Tudor plans to keep building and expanding its community for years to come. In this article, I’ll cover the history behind the center, what it offers to students, and Park Tudor’s plans for its campus.

How The Irsay Family Sports Center for Health and Wellness Came to Be

After almost 20 years without significant renovation or building on campus, Park Tudor recognized that it was time to refresh the campus. With a gym that was nearly 50 years old and no longer suited to the needs of the students, that seemed like a perfect place to start.

It started as a big idea: the “Build Possibility” campaign. In it, Park Tudor School outlined details for a new, modern, 27 million dollar health and wellness center to support their growing population of students and staff. Unfortunately, the old gym couldn’t be remodeled or expanded. They needed to start from scratch.

In May of 2020, demolition began. Not long after, Park Tudor received a generous donation from the Irsay family. Several Irsay family members are alumni and parents of Park Tudor, and they expressed excitement about how this facility will serve their community.

This donation spearheaded construction efforts and inspired the name “Irsay Family Sports Center for Health and Wellness.” The plan was to open as soon as November of 2021.

Construction progressed quickly. By October of 2020, the old gym had been knocked down and new foundations had been laid. In a little over a year, the new gym was up and running.

What Is in The Irsay Family Sports Center for Health and Wellness?

The facility is fitted with modern amenities to support children of all ages, and even adults, in living healthy and active lifestyles. The Irsay Family Sports Center for Health and Wellness strives to support both the physical health of its students, as well as their mental and emotional health.

The center includes a fieldhouse, auxiliary gym, bouldering wall, cardio fitness room, and multiple lounging areas. Students can gather on the “social staircase” fitted with USB ports and outlets to charge their devices and hang out.

There’s also a seminar classroom where students can learn about healthy lifestyle choices, wellness, and fitness information.

These amenities allow the school to try new and innovative approaches to health and wellness education. Recently, the school attempted to integrate yoga into its curriculum and saw positive results.

How The New Facility Fits into Park Tudor School’s Larger Goals

The sports center is just the beginning of Park Tudor’s goals to improve its Indianapolis campus. Recently, a “Master Plan” was approved by its Board of Directors to expand these efforts.

In this Master Plan, Park Tudor School expresses a desire to support the wellness and safety of its community through new buildings and landscapes.

Because the slowly aging gym could no longer support its students, a new wellness center seemed like an obvious choice.

And the Irsay Family Sports Center for Health and Wellness has delivered on those goals. Now open to its community, the Irsay Family Sports Center for Health and Wellness provides a space to nourish the minds, bodies, and spirits of its students.

Students and faculty are already using this facility to its fullest. Just last week, second and third graders put on its slam dunk show for the first time in the new building.

What’s Next for Park Tudor?

This isn’t the end for Park Tudor and its Master Plan. The Master Plan outlines goals to build a new early-childhood and elementary building, STEM learning center, and library. There are also plans to renovate the middle school and fine arts building.

In an effort to support environmental efforts, future construction will also include changes to the campus landscape. Areas of wetlands, meadows, and woodlands with native plants will support the campus’s sustainability.

Though construction is complete, Park Tudor is still seeking support for new facilities. The “Build Possibility” campaign is still accepting donations.


The Irsay Family Sports Center for Health and Wellness supports every member of the Park Tudor community through education and access to its spaces. Its modern amenities and an emphasis on holistic health education provide what every child should have: a safe and fun place to play and learn.