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Oppose Industrial Wind Farms – Attend Peaceful Demonstration Tuesday April 27th at 4:30pm

The NATION'S LARGEST WIND FARM is planned offshore in New Jersey - from Long Beach Island to Cape May with over 200 turbines 15 miles offshore. (Photo Credit: Save Our Shoreline Facebook)

By Tricia Conte

I represent Save our Shoreline NJ, a group of nearly 4000 concerned businesses, homeowners, residents, fishing community members, and New Jersey shore vacationers.

The view of the industrialization of our ocean by these giant wind farms is the least of our concerns. At first I was concerned about the view, which will be a horrible blight upon our beautiful Jersey Shore, but now I know that other issues are of greater
significance. One major environmental concern is for the severely endangered Atlantic Right Whale and other juvenile whales that regularly visit the Jersey Shore. There are currently only 360 Atlantic Right Whales in the entire world. The loss of these whales will contribute to the ecological collapse of the Jersey Shore. Whales play a significant part in the ecosystem of the ocean.

As you know, President Biden canceled offshore industrial wind farm projects in New York because of local political opposition. We at Save Our Shoreline NJ are organizing local political opposition to Governor Murphy’s poorly considered plan of industrializing our ocean which is bad for our environment, bad for our economy and
bad for the future of NJ.

That is why we are supporting and we have an ally in Commissioner Director Gerald M. Thornton and we are asking Cape May County residents, homeowners, and businesses to attend our peaceful demonstration on Tuesday, April 27, at 4:30 at William E. Sturm Jr Admin Building, 4 Moore Road, Cape May Courthouse, NJ. 

Martha Oldach proudly displays her sign at her Ocean City home.

I also urge people to send emails to each county commissioner asking them to support Commissioner Director Gerald M. Thornton in opposition of offshore wind farms.

Cape May County Commissioners:

Gerald M. Thornton – Commissioner Director
Leonard C. Desiderio – Commissioner Vice Director –
E. Marie Hayes – Commissioner – marie.hayes@co.cape-may.nj.us
Will Morey – Commissioner – will.morey@co.cape-may.nj.us

Jeffrey L. Pierson – Commissioner – jeffrey.pierson@co.cape-may.nj.us

A major economic concern is for the likely increases in our electric bills, which will cripple our New Jersey economy just as we begin recovering from the recession caused by the COVID lockdowns.

A major environmental and economic concern is for the fluke fishery because studies in Europe show that similar fish will not cross the electromagnetic fields created by miles of buried cables.” Fluke is important for the commercial industry and is a
recreational fishing draw. The negative effects of the fluke not crossing the electromagnetic fields will affect not only the fishing community, but also have a significant negative impact on tourism in our coastal communities – which rely on tourism to survive.

I’ve provided the information above to exemplify just a few reasons of why offshore wind is bad for the environment, bad for the economy and bad for the future of the future of NJ.

People who want to learn more about the serious dangers posed by the industrial monster wind farms should go to our website www.saveourshorelinenj.com and follow us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/saveourshorelinenj/ and Instagram.

Join our campaign to “Save the Whales and the Jersey Shore!”

Tricia Conte 
Save Our Shoreline NJ