Ocean City’s Third Grade Engineers Click It, Build Landmarks

Ocean City’s Third Grade Engineers Click It, Build Landmarks

Primary School Principal Cathy Smith, Computer Science Teacher Randy Kohr, Kindergarten Teacher Jennifer DeVlieger, and Library Director Karen Mahar

“If you build it, they will come,” professed the famous movie catchphrase.

Monday night the Ocean City Primary School engineers from the third grade proved that if you Click It, they will build.

This particular field of dreams came in the form of the inaugural “Click It Youth Engineering Fair”. It played out before a large crowd in the atrium just outside the entrance to the Ocean City Free Public Library and Arts Center.

And what was built? Local landmarks such as Lucy the Elephant and the Ocean City Music Pier; national ones like the Golden Gate Bridge and iconic world landmarks including the Great Wall of China and the Great Pyramid.  The goal is to foster the elementary students’ engineering skills in a friendly free design competition.

In addition to erecting the structures, known in Lego lingo as “brick clones,” the students conducted extensive research on each project and provided elaborate informational displays on the history and significance of what they put together.

“It’s amazing what these kids can do if they are given the opportunity, the materials and you get out of their way,” Primary School Computer Science teacher and advisor Randy Kohr said.

Every participant walked away with a fidget spinner medal to acknowledge and reward them for their hard work.

Ocean City Primary School Principal, Cathy Smith thanked everyone who made the program possible: Board of Education members Jacqueline Macalister and Gregory Whelan, Superintendent Kathleen Taylor, Co- Advisor and Ocean City Primary School Teachers Randy Kohr (Computer Science) and Jennifer DeVlieger (Kindergarten), and Library Director Karen Mahar.

Principal Smith went on to talk about all the research, planning, and design that went into each project. She told the students “this is the first year for this event and you have laid the platform for the future”.

And that is a brick clone worthy of a new Ocean City education tradition.

The projects’ and their designers and builders were:

  • Boardwalk: Rebecca Rodriguez and Peighton Clemens
  • Golden Gate Bridge: Anna Rice, Megan Kitchen and Faelyn Clark
  • Twin Towers: Quinn Schlembach, Carly Godfrey and Kai Linthicum
  • Great Wall : Casey Adamson, Tatum Colins, Gabriella Gullen and Isabella Baron
  • Light House: Jocelyn Serrano, Lauren Cesari and Byron Madden,
  • Music Pier: Jully Martinez, Stevie Wright and Bradin Roberts
  • Great Pyramid: Emma Rodriguez
  • Cape Canaveral: Isabella Marzilli and Gracie Hays
  • Cape May Ferry: Jasper Bickley, Charlie Beseries and Crosby Reeves;
  • White House: Luke Bennet, Kobe Pyle, Cullen Wheelan and Josh Mathis
  • Stonehenge: Gabeiel Maron, Aiden Finch and Jonathan Diamico
  • Fort McHenry: Noah Martins, Wilson Stauffer and Cole Haverly
  • Big Ben: John Patrick (J.P.) Urban, Cole Callowhill and Liam Kazmarck
  • Lucy the Margate Elephant: Eric Buck, Nick Baker and Benedict Belskis
  • Gateway Arch: Josh Lenko, Griffin Grey and Nick Tafankaji
  • Bodiam Castle: Graham Tolson and Brendan Sardy
  • Empire State Building: Jack McAllister, Wyatt Tolson and Nick Urban

Winners of the competition were:

  • Bodiam Castle – Presenter’s Award
  • Lucy the Elephant – Engineers’ Award
  • Golden Gate Bridge – Judge’s Choice Award
  • Great Wall – Research Award

The winning engineers received–what else? Lego sets as prizes.

The judges had some tough decisions to make.

The competition was judged by the following professionals:

  • Stewart Wiser
  • Brian Hoateson
  • Lori Link
  • Tracy Wiser
  • Rozelyn Lifshin
Cape May Lewes Ferry (Photo Credit: Reagan DeVlieger)
Big Ben (Photo Credit: Reagan DeVlieger)
Fort McHenry (Photo Credit: Reagan DeVlieger)
Great Pyramids (Photo Credit: Reagan DeVlieger)
Ocean City Boardwalk (Photo Credit: Reagan DeVlieger)
Cape Canaveral (Photo Credit: Reagan DeVlieger)
Bodiam Castle (Photo Credit: Reagan DeVlieger)
Empire State Building (Photo Credit: Reagan DeVlieger)
Great Wall of China (Photo Credit: Reagan DeVlieger)


Cape May Lighthouse (Photo Credit: Reagan DeVlieger)
Twin Towers (Photo Credit: Reagan DeVlieger)
Stonehenge (Photo Credit: Reagan DeVlieger)
White House (Photo Credit: Reagan DeVlieger)
Gateway Arch (Photo Credit: Reagan DeVlieger)
Lucy the Elephant (Photo Credit: Reagan DeVlieger)
Ocean City Music Pier (Photo Credit: Reagan DeVlieger)
Golden Gate Bridge (Photo Credit: Reagan DeVlieger)
(Photo Credit: Reagan DeVlieger)