Ocean City Brothers Rise to Rank of Eagle

Ocean City Brothers Rise to Rank of Eagle

The Millar family, of Ocean City, celebrate the major achievement. From left, Daniel, Rosemary, Bridget, Liam and Mike Millar.


The rank of Eagle Scout is the highest and most difficult task to be achieved in scouting.

And to get to that rank, there are trials, sacrifices and difficulties. In most cases, Boy Scouts never make Eagle Scout.

On Sunday, brothers, Daniel Millar, 20, and Liam Millar, 19, both of Ocean City, were celebrated for earning Eagle Scout at their Eagle Scout Court of Honor ceremony at the Community Center before a crowded room of family, fellow scouts, friends and dignitaries.

The presentation of the Eagle Award was done by Ocean City Troop 32 Scoutmaster Dean Mitzel. The Master of Ceremonies was Chad Callahan.

Rosemary puts an important pin on Liam’s shirt.

Daniel and Liam’s parents, Rosemary and Mike Millar, provided a statement after the program about their sons’ major milestone.

“Both boys have worn many uniforms in their life,” the Millars said. “The uniform that they are most proud of is their Boy Scout uniform as it is a symbol of their pride in the Scouting values of honesty and integrity.”

They continued, “Undoubtedly, these values will help them prepare to be successful and fulfilled men and members of society.”

Daniel and Liam’s sister, Bridget, also attended the ceremony.

Both Daniel and Liam were Varsity athletes on the Ocean City High School crew team and lifeguards on the Ocean City Beach Patrol.

Liam currently attends Massachusetts Maritime Academy, a fully regimented college where all cadets wear a uniform to denote their pride in the academic institution. Daniel attends Rowan University where he is studying electrical engineering.

Ocean City Mayor Jay Gillian presents the brothers with keys to the city.

Ocean City Mayor Jay Gillian spoke of how it is no surprise that the brothers were able to become Eagles.

“The Millar family’s roots are in deep in Ocean City. They do so much for the community and they do it quietly,” Gillian said.

He noted that Daniel and Liam worked hard over several years to achieve the highest honor of Eagle Scout.

“One of the nice things about Boy Scouts is you take your time. You enjoy it. You learn it. Eagle Scouts do the best each day,” Gillian said before presenting proclamations to the Millar brothers. “Your contact with other people is giving and kind.”

Congressman Jeff Van Drew speaks of the importance of achieving the rank of Eagle Scout.

Congressman Jeff Van Drew said he was supposed to leave for Washington, D.C., but made sure to attend the ceremony because of its significance.

“It is a difficult time, but when America has great challenges, there are always leaders. That is where scouting comes in. There are individuals who are willing to step up,” Van Drew emphasized. “Eagle Scouts, it is up to you to be sure we stand up for what is right, what is good.”

Prior to the program, the brothers spoke to OCNJDaily.com about their projects and how they felt about their achievement.

“My parents helped me. My mom pushed me. Today means a lot to me,” Daniel said. “Obviously, it is wonderful. But I’d say it was the journey to today that makes it so special.”

During the ceremony the brothers put special pins on their parents’ shirts, as well as their scout master’s shirt, signifying the important accomplishment.

Liam, left, and Daniel Millar stand by photos displaying their Eagle Scout projects.

For Daniel’s Eagle Scout project, he constructed a book library at Seaspray Beach.

“I got the idea from seeing a book library at 23rd Street beach. I liked the idea of it,” he said.

Liam also said his parents were supportive and helped him along the way.

Liam discussed his Eagle Scout project. He constructed a sign North Street Park.

“I came up with the idea because there was a spot for it, but no one ever put one up,” he said.

In addition to Mayor Gillian and Van Drew, other dignitaries spoke about what an amazing feat the brothers achieved and that they will have much success in their lives.

Assemblyman Erik Simonsen said a few words on behalf of himself, Senator Michael Testa and Assemblyman Antwan McClellan, of Ocean City.

Testa and McClellan had other engagements out of state. Simonsen also spoke on behalf of the Cape May County Commissioners who also could not attend due to the same commitment.

Assemblyman Erik Simonsen tells the Millar brothers that they have done something amazing.

Simonsen echoed others’ sentiments, stating that Eagle Scouts often achieve great things in life.

“The things Eagle Scouts go on to do are amazing,” he said.

He added that in addition to the brothers, their parents deserve a lot of recognition for helping their sons along the way.

“On behalf of the legislative district and on behalf of the commissioners, congratulations,” Simonsen said.

Sheriff Bob Nolan was not able to attend. but he asked officer Andrew Raniszewski tp speak in his place. The officer presented the brothers with challenge coins, which are given to Eagle Scouts in recognition of their work.

Jersey Shore Council representative for the Boy Scouts James Gillick said that the Millars achieved the highest rank in scouting because of their perseverance.

Scout Master Dean Mitzel, at left, performs the ceremony as Daniel puts a pin on his father Mike’s lapel.