OCBP Announces 2018 Rookie Class

OCBP Announces 2018 Rookie Class

Photo Credit: City of Ocean City


The Division of Fire/Rescue and the Ocean City Beach Patrol are glad to announce the 2018 OCBP rookie class.

The follow individuals have been offered a spot in the 2018 Rookie School following a two-day competitive tryout June 9 and 10 in Ocean City.

Alexander Reynolds, Erin Murphy, Justin Wray, Michael Prior, Andrea Teofanova, Evan Denn, Kevin Berry, Nick Brady, Artur Simoes Meneses, Evan Nathan, Kyle Booth, Nina Nguyen, Carley Rossiter, Grace Curry,  Kyle Friel, Sean Rixon, Corey Besz, Jack Bell, Kyle Noseworthy, Tanner Driscoll, Cristian Bell, Jack Branin, Liam Garbutt, Thomas Zanaras, David Grimm, Jacke Brogan, Liam Millar,  Valerie Speirs, David Hickman,  John Hladun, Louis Galeano, William Tracey, David Johnson, John LeNoir, Matty Loguidice, Dylan Fiogaus, Jonathan Azelznick, and Michael Cipollone.   

Mark Jamieson

Operations Chief

Ocean City Beach Patrol