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Marketing Expert Nicholas Bereznai On How to Build a Brand’s Social Media Engagement

Nicholas Bereznai

As a marketing expert, Nicholas Bereznai of Durham is always looking at new ways to help his clients reach new levels of success. One of the best ways to ensure success is to turn customers into social media advocates for a business. This is no easy task, but it is well worth the marketing effort as it can eventually lead to free advertising that people actually trust. With so many messages coming to people from so many different directions, people are always more likely to trust the opinions of a family member or friend. So, how do you create engaging social media content that gets people talking about your business? Nicholas Bereznai of Durham has a few different ideas.

The first thing Nicholas Bereznai of Durham believes any business should consider is who makes up its target audience. Understanding the needs and wants of a target audience is imperative as brands need to meet them on the social media profiles, they most frequently visit and create content that speaks directly to that audience. The marketing dream is when authentic messaging matches the language of the target consumer. Much like a child hates when an adult talks down to them, the modern customer expects to be treated as an equal. Creating content that generates conversation is the first step, but it must be followed up on. Nicholas Bereznai of Durham recommends responding to customers as quickly as possible. When people realize that a brand is willing to converse with them across social profiles, they will be more likely to engage and get in on the conversation.

Every post should maintain a level of relatability with the audience. Smaller companies often have a leg up on their corporate competition because the audience is going to connect with the story of a small business owner more often than that of a large corporate entity. Providing a peek into the process and the hardships of the business can create an enduring connection. When a smaller business is willing to provide a glimpse behind the curtain, it can lead to the audience actively rooting for the brand. This connection is further solidified when that same audience is asked to provide their thoughts and opinions. When a customer feels a deep connection with a brand, they grow in their willingness to hype a product or service to their friends and family.

Posting regularly is important, but the challenge comes in the quality level of the posts. Social media is always flooded with content. Instead of posting generic well wishes, businesses can benefit greatly from sharing content that offers some value. When a company provides a how-to video or shares a humorous meme, they invite its audience to share its content. When content is worthy, it will be shared. It is better to dedicate time to quality than flood a newsfeed with garbage content that will likely do more to draw the ire of the audience than demand their loyalty. It’s a great idea to either inform or look to make the audience laugh. Of course, if a product is more serious, it may be best to avoid humor.

If social media growth has stalled, companies should consider running a giveaway. People want to follow brands that they have a connection with or that provide them with some sort of added value. Companies can grow their engagement tenfold by simply running a cash giveaway. This method can either offer quick wins or it can turn into a real audience builder. Success is in the execution. Nicholas Bereznai recommends running giveaways as a means to grow the audience and grow the exposure of one valuable piece of content. If a consumer needs to watch a creative video or read a great piece in order to enter a contest, they may be surprised to learn that they gained something valuable with or without a contest win.