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Downtown Nixa Mark Anderson Discusses Tourism in the Area

Downtown Nixa Mark Anderson

Downtown Nixa Mark Anderson is a serial entrepreneur in the Nixa, Missouri area. In the following article, Mark Anderson discusses tourism in Nixa during the holiday season, highlighting some of the best local sights to visit.

The beauty of living in this world is that a flight could be taken to any country, city, or even a midwestern small town, and that there would be a guaranteed list of things locals and tourists alike would claim to be a “must-see”.

There’s no shortage of sights to see and things to experience in this world, and even discrete cities like Nixa, Missouri can be a testament to that. From restaurants that preserve the heart of the town to lights that one can only witness during the holiday season, Downtown Nixa Mark Anderson says that the area is a vacation destination reserved for those who yearn for a truly memorable experience.

A Night in Bethlehem

Go back in time and witness one of the most prolific parts of history by reserving a spot to A Night in Bethlehem. A one-of-a-kind, deeply immersive experience, this event is sure to please families- especially those with small children!

Upon entering, Downtown Nixa Mark Anderson says that visitors will be transported to historically-accurate Bethlehem in biblical times, where they’ll get to roam the marketplace, talk to shopkeepers who tell the tale of Mary and Joseph, and create souvenirs they can take home with them.

Of course, they will also get to come close to Mary and Joseph themselves, as they listen to them recount the story of Jesus’ birth.

Create Your Own Gnome

Downtown Nixa Mark Anderson says that some of the most memorable parts of Christmas are creating memories that will last year after year. While yes, some of those things remain as such- memories, but Nixa allows visitors and guests to take it a step further and create something tangible that can be remembered fondly as the holiday season approaches!

Throughout the month of December, Art Zone is hosting a series of art events- one of them being the “Create Your Own Gnome” affair where guests of all ages get to come and try their hand at creating a holiday gnome! They’ll be glazed on-site, so they’ll be ready for display come Christmas time.

Downtown Nixa Mark Anderson says that there are no reservations required in order to attend, but it does cost $8 per person. However, the memories to be made are nothing if not priceless!

Tour Of Lights

Downtown Nixa Mark Anderson says that the city knows how to get into the holiday spirit! In fact, so many residents in town do such an excellent job at their Christmas decorating, that Nixa couldn’t help but start up a Christmas light content called the Tour Of Lights.

It’s all over town, and families or individuals can make a day out of driving around and taking a look at how different restaurants and establishments are lighting up their buildings. Lest they forget they’re on official city business, however, because through a simple download of the city’s app, they can vote for their favorites!

Downtown Nixa Mark Anderson explains that this content is a newfound Christmas tradition, with this being only the second year it’s been in session, but in spite of its young age, it’s already something that the residents are looking forward to for next year!

Downtown Nixa Mark AndersonMorning Day Cafe

For those hungering for amazing comfort food served up in unique and delicious ways, Downtown Nixa Mark Anderson says to look no further than Morning Day Café on Main Street. Brunch is a standout here, with menu choices like personalized quiches and Belgian Waffles – there’s something for every taste.

Beyond that, Mark Anderson notes that Morning Day roasts fresh, delicious coffee and espresso, and the on-premises scratch bakery serves up treats ranging from the “still kind of healthy” to straight up indulgent.

Christmas In Gotham

Downtown Nixa Mark Anderson understands that some people aren’t a fan of the traditional Christmas traditions and customs, and want to spend their holidays celebrating in a different way…

…like say, spending the holiday in Gotham City.

Alamo Drafthouse, a food and film location in Nixa, thinks that no December should pass without a viewing of Batman Returns, so they’re opening their doors and letting guests spend an evening with the likes of a bat, a cat, and of course, a penguin.

However, superheroes aren’t the only option on the menu! The Drafthouse is also playing films like Little Women and Eyes Wide Shut for cinephiles to enjoy.