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Distance Learning Systems Reviews the Reasons Employers Should Offer Continuing Education to Enhance Staff Development

Distance Learning Systems Reviews

Distance Learning Systems was founded in 1999 and provides a flexible, online path to college credit, providing an alternate, affordable education solution to earning a degree. In the following article, Distance Learning Systems reviews why employers should offer corporate education programs for continued staff development, the benefits of online education, career development and remote options for working adults.

There are many benefits to learning more as a person ages, and these benefits can extend to employers, too. Distance Learning Systems reviews the importance of corporate education programs for continued development.

Employers should consider corporate education programs to enhance staff development. New skills will benefit the company as much, or perhaps more than the team member him/herself. Corporate education provides a compelling platform for both recruiting and retention.

Continued Development of Employees

Distance Learning Systems reviews a few of the best reasons for employers to offer education at the corporate level as part of their continued development:

  1. New Employee Skills Can Aid the Company
    2. Corporate Education Programs can Keep an Employee Around Longer
    3. New Hires Will See Corporate Education Programs as Incentive
    4. Sometimes Corporate Education Programs are Legally Required
    5. Current Business Trends Support Corporate Education Programs

Distance Learning Systems reviews each of these reasons in-depth below:

New Employee Skills Can Aid the Company

Empowering employees can start with giving them access to continued education programs. They can learn a whole range of new skills and be excited to expand their experience in those skills at the company they work for. This can increase production and the overall value of the company.

Continuing education has been proven to incentivize employees to experiment and innovate, according to Accudata.com.

Depending on the programs offered, a new employee can use their new data analytics skills or training in management of a new product to further the interests of the company.

Keep an Employee Around Longer

In a post-COVID-19 world, employee retention is dropping in all fields of business. However, Distance Learning Systems reports that if a company provides more education opportunities for its employees, those employees are more likely to remain at their job and are happier to do so.

It establishes a sense that the corporate level of management cares about the long-term benefits of their employees and considers them an investment in and of themselves. This builds a level of trust between management and employees.

Distance Learning Systems ReviewsNew Hires Will See Corporate Education Programs as an Incentive

Distance Learning Systems confirms that promoting corporate sponsored continuing education will likely encourage staff to stay and even apply for new positions within the organization. Nowadays, new hires want more than an assurance of salary; you might say they would rather have a fishing pole than a fish. Corporate education programs double as a long-term investment for business owners and their employees

In Some Cases, Corporate Education Programs are Legally Required

Even if corporate education programs did not already come with the previously mentioned benefits, at times these programs are simply required legally. As an example, in the medical community, aviation industry, engineering and technology and many other sectors of society, ongoing education and training are required.

Keep Up with Current Business Trends

Businesses that offer not only a competitive salary, but continuing education programs are proven to retain and attract a greater number of employees than businesses that do not. New hires are more likely to seek out companies that provide education benefits.

Benefits of Obtaining an Online Career

Adults who have a job that is not only offering them corporate education programs, but also a remote work position, have the following added benefits:

  • More Flexible Schedule – Individuals who have an online career spend less time commuting to work and appreciate the freedom of managing their own schedules. This comes in handy when balancing work and a continuing education program.
  • Personal Workspace – Productivity can be increased by remaining home, working in a familiar environment.
  • Less Distractions – With discipline and a healthy work / life balance, Distance Learning Systems submits that those with an online career may benefit from reduced idle chatter, interruptions, and basic office-centric distractions.

In Conclusion

Offering corporate education programs simply makes sense and is necessary for continued staff development. Current business trends necessitate these programs while providing improved recruiting, retention, and staff development.

Additionally, Distance Learning Systems suggests that a work from home option can pay big dividends in production and quality time for the team member. There are few if any downsides to offering corporate education programs and a work from home option for staff.