Home News Danielle Kesich Di Bari Discusses the Impact of Fitness on Skin Health

Danielle Kesich Di Bari Discusses the Impact of Fitness on Skin Health

Danielle Kesich Di Bari

Danielle Kesich is a Sacramento native who stays ahead of fitness, fashion, and beauty trends. In the following article, Danielle Kesich Di Bari discusses how exercise enhances skin health, inner and outer beauty.

Who doesn’t want a healthy, radiant, and youthful skin?

In the pursuit of their “dream skin”, many turn to an array of beauty routines and skincare products. More and more individuals have also welcomed a healthier lifestyle, discovering the benefits of healthy eating to their overall skin health.

However, there’s one aspect of attaining a vibrant complexion that commonly gets overlooked: exercise. Apart from the physical benefits it provides the body, exercising cleanses and beautifies the skin, leading to a youthful glow that’s hard to miss.

Danielle Kesich Di Bari discovers the synergy between fitness and beauty, and the amazing benefits that the power of exercise provides to the skin.

Danielle Kesich Explains Some Exciting Side Benefits of Exercise

“Many people think that exercising affects their skin negatively, especially individuals with acne-prone or sensitive skin,” says Dr. Amy McClung, member of the American Board of Dermatology and dermatologist at U.S. Dermatology Partners. “Exercise is an essential part of everyone’s healthy lifestyle, including those with skin health concerns.”

According to Dr. McClung, regular exercise has fewer negative effects than positive on one’s skin health. When visiting the dermatologist, it’s ideal to ask for personalized skincare recommendations to keep the skin healthy while keeping active.

Here are the top 5 ways exercising benefits the skin:

• Improves Circulation and Blood Flow

Danielle Kesich says that during exercise, blood flow and circulation are increased. The amplified blood flow nourishes all the cells in the body, including skin cells. As a result, cellular repair and replacement are improved, leading to healthier-looking skin.

Additionally, improved blood flow supports the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells, further enhancing their function.

• Removes Toxins from the Skin

The improved blood flow from exercising doesn’t only deliver essential nutrients to the body’s cells, it also helps get rid of harmful toxins more efficiently.

Danielle Kesich Di Bari says to think of your bloodstream as a highway for your cells’ vital nutrients and waste removal. Exercising increases the highway speed, meaning that the nutrients get delivered faster and toxins leave the body more quickly. The cells get what they need to function efficiently while getting rid of the waste that causes them damage.

“It’s a win-win for all of our cells, including those that make up our skin.” says Dr. McClung.

Danielle Kesich• Prevents and Reverses Signs of Skin Aging

Dermatologists have always believed that regular physical activity boosts skin health, but recent research has suggested that exercising can actually turn back the clock for one’s skin!

Danielle Kesich reports that a 2018 study noted “Aging Hallmarks: The Benefits of Physical Exercise”, that exercise keeps the skin looking young in various ways including:

  • Enhancing DNA repair mechanisms
  • Strengthening protective proteins
  • Improving glucose metabolism
  • Optimizing mitochondria (the body’s energy generators) function
  • Maintaining good cell communication

On top of the fact that physical activity speeds up the process of toxin removal and nutrient delivery, can exercising be the fountain of youth everyone has been looking for?

• Helps Manage Stress

Stress doesn’t do anyone good. It negatively impacts one’s overall well-being.

Skin-wise, constant stress causes acne, the skin’s natural protective function, and exacerbates the severity of certain skin diseases. Exercise can help fight this by triggering the release of endorphins, the body’s natural stress fighters.

When stress is managed, the production of stress hormones like cortisol is minimized, helping reduce stress-related skin issues such as acne and psoriasis.

• Boosts Overall Health

Regular exercise promotes bone, muscle, and heart health. It also boosts the nervous and immune systems. While it cannot prevent physical illness or mental health issues, a well-rounded exercise regimen greatly contributes to the overall health of the body.

Danielle Kesich Di Bari explains that better overall health means better skin health, with healthy radiant skin as an added bonus beyond visible physical benefits.

Skincare and Exercise: The Golden Rules

Starting an active lifestyle means that the pores will start working overtime. Expect constant sweating, tired-looking skin, and a higher chance of breakouts. Not to mention drying, chapping, and sun damage when doing a workout outdoors.

Danielle Kesich recommends following this skincare regimen in between exercising and workout sessions:

  • Cleanse skin as needed using a gentle cleanser
  • Wear sunscreen (minimum 30 SPF) when going out
  • Take short, mild-temp showers after a workout
  • Exfoliate twice a week at night, after cleansing
  • Get plenty of sleep to allow the skin to recover

Exercising is an investment; it isn’t just about achieving a fit body, it also serves as a powerful tool that can enhance skin health and appearance.