Corvettes Take Over Ocean City Boardwalk

Corvettes Take Over Ocean City Boardwalk

More than 400 Corvettes please onlookers during the 29th Corvette Show on the Ocean City Boardwalk Sunday.


The all-American supercar with its supreme engineering – is not just any gorgeous, head-turning sports car.

And to those who ogled more than 400 of them that commanded a presence on the Ocean City Boardwalk Sunday, seemed to be as awesome when designed back in the mid-50’s to what it looks like now.

To the hundreds of people who strolled the boards, looking at gleaming, pristine, shiny cars, they got more than an eyeful of these cars and seemed to love them all.

This Corvette displays a patriotic theme.

There were the sleek Stingrays from the mid-to-late ’60s that were popular among the crowds.

The later models, some even done up in the show’s theme of Woodstock in celebration of the 50th year since the colossal concert – generated excitement.

Of course, the ever-popular Vette colors red and yellow dominated the models.

The show is in its 29th year. It is organized and sponsored by Boardwalk Corvettes of Atlantic City and considered to be one of the top five Corvette shows in the country, organizers said.

Carrie Dickinson, of Ocean City, is co-chairwoman of the Boardwalk Corvettes.

She said there were over 400 cars in the successful show. And proceeds from registration fees benefit local charities, including the Ocean City Humane Society.

George Adams, of Columbus, N.J., stands next to his beloved 1969 Stingray.

Last year the rains cut the number of participants to about 250 cars when the owners opted to keep their precious treasures in the garage.

“We are to capacity this year,” Dickinson said with a grin standing with her husband, Phil at one of the show tents at the Music Pier. “We are filled from Fifth Street to 14th Street.”

She noted that the earliest model in Sunday’s show was a 1956 Corvette. The latest was a 2019.

“Because of the beautiful weather, we have a lot of mid-60s and mid-50s models,” she said. “People are already registering for next year. Tomorrow we will start planning for the 2020 show.”

Red is one of the most popular colors for Corvettes.

Of course, the 1969 Corvette was the highlight of the show in celebration of Woodstock, she added.

George Adams, of Columbus, N.J., proudly sat next to a gleaming, maroon 1969 Stingray, which has been in his family since 1972, but owned by him since 1987.

He takes it out for drives a couple of times a week. “It is beautifully modified. I made sure to build it so I could take it out every day if I wanted to,” he said.

“I’d like to take it to the track in Millville and give it a go,” he said.

It is his second Corvette. In 1976 he owned a 1968 Stingray. But now that he is older, he said, he appreciates the car even more.

Dawn Downs, of Pinehurst, NC., and her husband, Bob, enjoy this year’s Woodstock theme with their 2017 Corvette.

Dawn Downs and her husband, Bob, of Pinehurst, N.C., proudly displayed their Woodstock-themed 2017 Corvette.

“Nothing beats the ’60s. Back then it was all about peace and love and music. We need more of it,” Dawn Downs said. “And Vettes are the best, most amazing cars.”

The couple used vinyl pieces to make the flowers to decorate their prized wheels.

Bob Downs added that they love the friendships they make with other Corvette owners. “We’ve had five Corvettes over the years, and it is so great the friendships you make with people,” he said. “We all love our Vettes.”

Mark Hohner, of South River, N.J., owns a 1966 Stingray.
Sue Gibbons, (left), of Schwenksville, Pa., and her friend, Kelly Pardue, of Collegeville, Pa., look at a 1966 Stingray.