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Christopher J. Precopia On Seven Incredible Travel & Food Shows on Streaming Platforms

Christopher Precopia

As a self-proclaimed foodie and travel enthusiast, Christopher Precopia wishes he had the time to journey around the world and enjoy its food and culture more often. However, like most people, Christopher J. Precopia has career responsibilities that keep him from jet setting at his leisure. Fortunately, Cristopher Precopia understands that we are in a golden age of television for food and traveling enthusiasts. With just a few clicks on a remote, food and travel lovers can be brought across the globe to take in the incredible culinary delights of nearly every country imaginable. Today, Cristopher Precopia will offer suggestions on food and travel shows you should be checking out as well.

1. Somebody Feed Phil

Christopher Precopia loves how food brings people together. There’s no show that represents this fact in every episode like Somebody Feed Phil. Formerly known for creating the smash hit Everybody Loves Raymond, Phil Rosenthal, takes viewers to different cities in each episode and shows not only the incredible food the city has to offer, but the amazing people who make it all possible. Somebody Feed Phil is a show that can be streamed on Netflix and is appropriate for viewers of all ages.

2. Cheap Eats

Christopher Precopia understands that most people point to budgetary restrictions as the main reason they don’t go out to eat more often. Cheap Eats, which is streaming on Amazon Prime, shows that people can enjoy incredible food at bargain prices. Food Author Ali Khan has $35 to work with and must find a great breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. Every episode reveals great restaurants that are offering customers incredible food experiences at affordable prices.

3. Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives

Christopher Precopia believes it is fitting that so many episodes of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives center around comfort food, because that’s exactly what this show provides him. Hosted by possibly the most well-known food show host, Guy Fieri, the show spotlights local restaurants that are beloved by their communities. Much like with Somebody Feed Phil, you get a taste of just how much love goes into the food that is being prepared for the customer. When people take great pride in what they make, their customers are always in for a true treat. Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives can be streamed on Discovery+.

4. Heat Seekers

If you are a fan of food that packs a spicy punch, you will love Heat Seekers, which can be streamed via the Cooking Channel. Chefs Aaron Sanchez and Roger Mooking hit the streets to find restaurants that are offering the hottest foods in America. Unlike the hit show Hot Ones on YouTube, Heat Seekers is looking for food that is extremely spicy but also flavorful. This isn’t just spice for the sake of pushing the limits of what a human can handle. These chefs truly enjoy the food that they are eating.

5. Unique Eats

Christopher Precopia loves travel because you experience things you never experienced before. Unique Eats is the culinary equivalent of that travel experience. Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, each episode takes a look at restaurants in America that offer the most outside the box menus in the country. Christopher Precopia is in awe of the creativity of the chefs featured on the show. While viewers may not want to try everything they see, it’s still amazing to see chefs continue to push culinary boundaries.

6. Chef’s Table

Chef’s Table may just be the most visually stunning food and travel show ever created. The Netflix hit series dives deeply into the personal stories of some of the most revered chefs on the planet. The way the food is presented will make your mouth water. It’s also incredibly inspiring to hear how some of these chefs rose to culinary prominence.

7. The Chef Show

Anyone who loves food and travel shows should watch the movie Chef starring Jon Favreau. The movie inspired The Chef Show on Netflix, which features Chef Roy Choi and director Jon Favreau, who fell in love with cooking while filming the movie celebrates different chefs and allows them to show off their unique techniques in the kitchen. Watching this show will have anyone heading to the kitchen to try their hand at a culinary masterpiece.