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Beach Replenishment Update: Work on Dune Crossovers Underway

A bulldozer spreads a hard-pack material on the dune crossover at 41st Street. The material provides easier access to the beach. Work on the crossovers marks the final steps for the project in this area.


Check OCNJ Daily for updates and photos of the progress of work of the Ocean City beach replenishment project for 2015 in the south end of Ocean City between 36th and 59th Streets.

DATE: Tuesday, April 28

Ocean City NJ beach replenishment 2015
The line of sand and equipment now ends at 37th Street in Ocean City, NJ.

PROGRESS: Work crews on Tuesday were spreading a hard-pack material along diagonal dune crossovers on the beaches between 42nd Street and 39th Street. The pipeline and sand-pumping have reached 37th Street, and the beach is now blocked at 36th Street. That marks the finish line for Phase One of the project. The tentative Army Corps of Engineers schedule calls for the first phase to end in “early May.” At this point, with one block to go, work appears to be ahead of schedule. Beaches are currently closed from 37th to 39th streets.

The completed beaches are wide and elevated, and sand ramps allow beachgoers to cross over a pipeline that now stretches down the beach to the work area. Work can be viewed from the top of the beach at all blocks.

WHAT’S NEXT: The project will proceed northward to 36th Street. After work is complete to 36th Street, the next phases of the project will be from 42nd Street south to 49th Street (early May to mid-May), 55th to 49th (mid-May to mid-June), 55th to 59th (mid-June to mid-July).

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