Alfie Oakes of Florida Discusses Recent Agribusiness News

Alfie Oakes of Florida Discusses Recent Agribusiness News

Alfie Oakes

Today, Alfie Oakes would like to tell you why he calls Seed to Table the happiest place in the universe. As the owner of the store, Alfie Oakes strives every day to make Seed to Table the happiest place in the universe for customers and employees alike.

Alfie Oakes founded the store on the principles that Seed to Table is going to love their customers and they’re going to love their employees. This love is shown through a family atmosphere. Six hundred incredible employees were brought in to run Seed to Table and they have bought into the family concept. Alfie Oakes credits the employees for the unbelievable growth Seed to Table has enjoyed.

The future of the store projects for continued growth by adding more members to the family. Customers love the fact that Seed to Table guarantees the highest quality products as the lowest possible prices. Alfie Oakes is getting the most out of his employees by empowering them to use their creative freedom and know they are individuals – not cogs in a system. Everyone has the chance to bring their ideas to the forefront and move up the work chain via their efforts and talent. Everyone is encouraged to make themselves better, because it makes Seed to Table that much better for it.

Seed to Table is always on the lookout for self-motivated employees. Alfie Oakes believes that every person can enjoy better health when they put high-quality, natural ingredients into their system. The same logic applies to career paths at Seed to Table. When employees are willing to put in high-quality work, they reap the benefits.

Unparalleled career growth is possible at Seed to Table because the grocery store has no parallel. Where else can customers shop at a 75,000 square foot farmer’s market? The store not only features fresh produce from Oakes Farms, but a butcher shop, fish market, café, wine bar, smoothie bar, full-service bakery, sushi bar, playground for kids, and a fresh garden center. That list doesn’t even cover all the amazing features of Seed to Table. The sheer scale of Seed to Table has quickly made it a destination that people seek out from across the country. Daily Seed to Table welcomes patriots who are looking to support American owned and operated businesses.

Alfie Oakes and his team are always looking to welcome new members to their Seed to Table family. Alfie Oakes promises that all employees can be proud of all the fresh nutritious items that are sold. When people walk through the doors at Seed to Table, they read a sign on the front door that says, “There are no strangers here, only friends that we’ve yet to meet.” This is a sincere acknowledgement of the love and positivity that surrounds the Seed to Table family. Anyone interested in joining the team is encouraged to visit the company website at