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Age of Learning’s Digital Education Products like ABCmouse Can Help Parents Enhance At-Home Learning



The spotlight currently shining on the edtech sector has never been brighter. That’s because an entire planet is looking for at-home educational alternatives due to the coronavirus pandemic. What’s more, a generation of young learners are depending on innovative solutions to keep them informed and engaged while adjusting to remote instruction. Companies capable of offering effective digital education products to meet these needs are being thrust onto the main stage.

Enter Age of Learning, the creator of award-winning digital educational products for kids, such as ABCmouse and Adventure Academy. The company, which was founded in 2007, has thrived during these uncertain times and grown to become a leader in the edtech sector.

“While a few industries will register a drop in demand, numerous others will continue to remain unscathed and show promising growth opportunities,” according to a recent Business Wire article, which cites Age of Learning as a top player in the market with products have gone on to help millions of children. The health crisis we are currently facing will have many effects that last into 2021, with education being just one hurdle to clear. ABCmouse and other Age of Learning offerings are likely to see increased interest as a result, and those tasked with overseeing tech-driven remote learning – parents included – will likely want to learn more.

Digital Learning

The youngest learners generally see the greatest benefit from the award-winning ABCmouse, which was designed by education experts at Age of Learning to offer a standards-based curriculum to children ages 2–8.  ABCmouse provides lessons on literacy, science, health, math, social studies, and more. The low-cost subscription-based model makes it ideal for families looking to supplement and reinforce lessons from school. The comprehensive ABCmouse program offers a plethora of lessons and grade-based learning paths that are engaging, exciting, rewarding, and simply resonate with preschool, kindergarten, and early elementary school-level students. Research into these lessons has also shown that ABCmouse is effective and can help boost test scores. Since it’s accessible not just on desktop and laptop computers, but also on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, it’s easier than ever for families to get started and learn from wherever they are.

A slightly older age group (kids 8–13) is well-suited for Adventure Academy, which is an online multiplayer game that combines educational courses with exciting video game-like activities. Its offerings are so close to gaming that Gameinformer magazine has called it “an educational [multiplayer online game] teachers and students will love.” Specifically, Adventure Academy curriculum will springboard players into a world of math, language arts, science, and social studies. Progress here means unlocking additional content, and this keeps learning exciting and rewarding. Adventure Academy’s online world is immersive, and thus engaging, and keeps young learners coming back to make more progress in this evolving realm of videos, quizzes, and other in-game learning experiences.

Monitoring and Motivation

No sector of society has been spared from COVID-19’s negative impact, but too many students are becoming disconnected from their educational expectations. The health pandemic has subtracted the fun social element of in-school learning; it’s up to parents and educators to add an element of enjoyment back in—and Age of Learning products can help.  According to this article from an NBC affiliate in Indiana, “it’s important to help kids find that confidence—especially during the current pandemic.” There are many signs to look for to help young boys and girls overcome issues brought on by the health crisis; Age of Learning also recommends its engaging activities to keep young ones interested in their education.

These award-winning edtech products have been winning over educators, and Age of Learning has gone above and beyond to reach students impacted by our current situation. According to a recent report from CW-affiliated KTLA in California, Age of Learning stepped up early on in the pandemic to provide “free access to their educational software to students affected by school closures.” The company’s founder went on to say the “engagement factor is extremely important in a child’s learning, there are very specific curriculum objectives for every single activity in any of our products.”

It’s still too soon to tell what impact the coronavirus pandemic will have on students who were forced to spend months at home in isolation. What will their long-term earning potential look like? How has their health been affected? More importantly, in the eyes of Age of Learning, were they provided with powerful digital learning tools when schooling went remote—or will they suffer from significant learning loss? The entire planet has been affected by the current health pandemic and Age of Learning products are currently helping pupils in the U.S. and beyond. Isn’t it time your household made the leap?