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Using Online Gambling as a Guide When Going on a Road Trip Around New Jersey

1.4 Road Trip To NJ
It’s now viable to go on gambling road trips to neighboring NJ states.

Until New York legalizes online casinos, we’ll see a flow of NY residents venturing across state lines to play online casino games via licensed NJ gambling operators. It’s noticeable during the weekends at places like the George Washington Bridge, which connects New Jersey via Fort Lee in Bergen County with Upper Manhattan in New York City. It’s a peculiar phenomenon related to online casinos’ use of geolocation technology.

The way it works is that an NJ online casino’s geolocation technology confirms whether or not a player is within the state border. If the person is, they can play casino games or wager on sports—on foot, by car, or even on the Metro. Along with the geolocation requirements, all that’s needed is that the person is a US resident, not necessarily belonging to the state of New Jersey, and is a minimum of 21 years of age. With no other options, some NY residents opt for this to play casino games legally.

Bridges and spots like the George Washington Bridge were relieved of some foot traffic earlier this year when the state of New York legalized online sports betting. They are also working on a legal framework for online casino gaming, intending to introduce new regulations similar to New Jersey in 2024. When that happens, New Yorkers won’t need to travel across state lines to scratch that gambling itch.

However, a similar but even more peculiar phenomenon is developing as more states are legalizing online gambling in various forms. In multiple areas of the country, online gambling clusters are formed, where states border each other, giving players easy access to the same online casinos. All states use geolocation technology and have the minimum requirement of being a US resident. If we look at New Jersey, there are several states close by with favorable gambling regulations: New York, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. More states in the region are likely to follow. People started traveling around states to utilize promotions that increased their chances of making a profit. Online casinos operating in several states can offer the same promotion in different places, and participating in one doesn’t exclude the other. These promotions include deposit offers where players get bonus money, which can be turned into real money. It can also be free bets and free wagers where you can win without risking money. All that’s needed is a mobile phone to download the gambling applications and await notifications for new offers. Then, hit the road as the offers start rolling in. There can be 10-30+ gambling operators in a state, providing plenty of promotions to make the time and trip worthwhile. Just set the route on the GPS, hit the road, and knock down casino promotions along the way to make money and cover the mileage.

The activity may only be suited for diehards, and if you’re interested in online gambling, it can be worth considering when you plan your next road trip around New Jersey state lines.