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Surfer’s Paradise in Ocean City


By Ryan Givens

Every morning Ocean City’s Boardwalk fills with passerby’senjoying the beautiful walk, sure to gaze off at a scenic view of the Atlantic Ocean. The view on Wednesday morning however, offered some additional entertainment. Today’s shoreline was peppered with surfers, taking advantage of a seasonal gift.The swell that had surfers flocking to the beach moved in overnight Tuesday, the result of Hurricane Gert. The storm now moves north hundreds of mile away from the Jersey shore. What it left in its path: clean overhead waves delivered right to coast of New Jersey. While this may have presented some rough surf for the average beach-goer, to the surfers out wednesday morning it was a little piece of paradise.Swells from tropical systems present an unusual late summertime opportunity as surf conditions remain generally calm throughout the season. Seeing the surf report days in advance, everyone with a board headed to the as early as the could to experience the day’s best conditions. The numbers alone drew a crowd to watch. The rails and benches on the boardwalk filled with bikers and walkers who had a great view overlooking the fantastic surf.Never missing an opportunity, surfers continued from dawn to dusk taking whatever chance they could to paddle out. Unfortunately no swell lasts forever, and by tomorrow conditions return to normal leaving everyone hoping the next one comes sooner.