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A Silly Look At Solar Eclipse Viewers Around Manco and Manco


Cardboard glasses were the fashion trend of the day this Monday. Nearly everyone on Ocean City’s boardwalk was seen sporting a pair in order to safely see one of the planet’s rarest celestial events.

The 2017 Solar eclipse created quite a stir in the last couple weeks as people prepped across the country to get a view. While outside the path of the total eclipse, the view from Ocean City presented a partial eclipse in which over a majority of the sun was blocked out. The last time an eclipse was visible in this area was in 1978.The boardwalk became a hot spot for today’s viewings. Walkers took up the opportunity to visit the board’s shops and gaze up along the way as the moon moved across the sun. Manco and Manco, an Ocean City classic, had viewers surrounding it throughout the afternoon. Manco and Manco became a major supplier of solar eclipse glasses  in Ocean City selling the  essential tools for to safe viewing. While the 2017 eclipse has come and gone, North America is in luck with another right around the corner. Ocean City will once again be able to view an eclipse 7 years from now in  April 2024.