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Skydiving, Planes Excite at Ocean City Airport Festival

A Fastrax skydiver hovers above the airport while attached to a giant American flag.


Talk about excitement. The Ocean City Airport Festival had it all Saturday, much to the delight of families.

The festival featured a wide array of vintage and new planes, helicopter rides and the ultimate highlight to it all – skydiving team Fastrax performed stunts thousands of feet up.

And when they cascaded down in their parachutes, the Fastrax skydivers showcased their patriotism with red, white and blue smoke streams and the American Flag

And that wasn’t all.

Dottie McCrosson comes in for a landing with Fastrax member Matt Harvey.

Ocean City Solicitor Dottie McCrosson did a tandem jump with Fastrax member Matt Harvey.

“I was just so excited. I was offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I took it,” McCrosson said while surrounded by her family shortly after her jump. “It was so much fun.”

Spectators marveled at the sites as Fastrax members came in for their landings on a sunny day with a clear blue sky.

There were plenty of events for the festivalgoers, including activities for kids, from a paper airplane contest and coloring contest to face painting. Music and food choices from barbecue to tacos to water ice gave attendees lots of choices.

Kathy Iacobucci and her family, Jacob and Jessica Rodgers, and their children, J.J. and Jordan, check out some planes.

Jessica and Jacob Rodgers, of Philadelphia, brought their sons, J.J., 2, and 4-month-old Jordan, to enjoy the festival. Jessica’s parents also came along.

But it was obvious who was having the most fun.

“He loves airplanes,” Jessica said of J.J. “This is great for him. He is really into planes now and emergency vehicles and he loves the skydivers.”

J.J.’s love for excitement and emergency vehicles may come from his father, Jessica noted. Jacob is a police officer. He is also in the National Guard and just returned from a tour in Kuwait.

Team Fastrax from left, Yuliya and Brian Pangburn, Kevin Dubas, Jon Forman, and Dimitrije Dadic.

After the skydiving team finished thrilling the spectators, some festivalgoers walked onto the airport tarmac when it was allowed to see what it is like to stand on the runway.

Team Fastrax members chatted a bit after they finished their show.

Their skydiving stunts were not finished for the day, however, Saturday.

They were scheduled to perform their popular annual Parachute Pyrotechnic Show over the Ocean City beach and Boardwalk at 8 p.m., with a landing zone on the beach at 7th Street.

The Rodgers family planned on attending the show.

“We are really looking forward to the pyrotechnic show tonight,” Jessica said.

More air show excitement is planned for Sunday with the Boardwalk Aerobatic Airshow beginning at 1 p.m. Officials said that the ideal viewing spots for the event will be along the beach and Boardwalk between Sixth Street and 14th Street.

A Fastrax member displays patriotic red, white and blue smoke.
A big crowd enjoys the show.
From this gleaming red and white plane to an array of others, festivalgoers have plenty to see.
This plane named Revolution II is a popular attraction.
The Fastrax plane takes off.
This bright yellow beauty is a crowd pleaser.
The helicopter starts off the festival with excitement.