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Preakness 149: Here’s What To Expect this 2024

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As the racing world turns its attention to Baltimore, Maryland, excitement builds for the 149th edition of the Preakness Stakes. Scheduled for May 18, 2024, this storied event follows the Kentucky Derby as the second jewel in the coveted Triple Crown of thoroughbred racing.

This year, the buzz is particularly deafening, courtesy of Mystik Dan, the Kentucky Derby winner, who is confirmed to run at Pimlico. His presence raises the stakes, as a victory here could set the stage for a Triple Crown attempt at the Belmont Stakes next month.

Here are other things to expect in the 149th running of Preakness Stakes this Saturday.

The Field of Contenders

The Preakness Stakes in 2024 features a diverse and formidable group of horses vying for the title. The field includes seasoned horses that previously contested the Derby and newcomers who skipped the first leg, which heightens the unpredictability of the outcomes.

Here are the early favorites:

  • Muth (Early odds: 10-11): Exhibiting some of the lowest odds and strong backing, Muth is a major threat, likely due to exceptional performances in lead-up races.
  • Tuscan Gold (Early odds: 5-1): Known for speed and resilience, Tuscan Gold has consistently performed well in high-stakes environments.
  • Imagination (Early odds: 5-1): This horse has impressed many with creative racing tactics and a knack for overcoming challenging track positions.
  • Just Steel (Early odds: 10-1): A solid contender with a reputation for toughness and reliability in competitive races.
  • Seize the Gray (Early odds: 10-1): Demonstrates quick acceleration and strategic racing, making it a dark horse in the field.
  • Copper Tax (Early odds: 16-1): Despite higher odds, Copper Tax’s steady improvement in performance could surprise many.
  • Uncle Heavy (Early odds: 20-1): Offers potential for upset, known for bursts of speed in crucial race moments.
  • Informed Patriot (Early odds: 20-1): Well-regarded for strategic placements and strong finishes in previous races.
  • Mugatu (Early odds: 33-1): The underdog of the field, Mugatu could provide a stunning upset with the right conditions.

These thoroughbreds that lead the pack are recommended to bet on preakness 2024. Whether you prefer to back the strong favorites with lower odds for potentially steadier returns or take a chance on an underdog with the possibility of a high payout, this lineup offers compelling choices that highlight the unpredictable and exciting nature of horse racing.

Mystik Dan: A Strong Contender; Muth: Early Favorite

Despite his impressive victory at the Kentucky Derby, Mystik Dan isn’t the top favorite for the Preakness Stakes, with early odds set at 3-1. His Kentucky Derby performance was notable for demonstrating his raw speed and his ability to handle the pressures of a big race. He showcased remarkable agility and tenacity, effectively navigating through a crowded field and finishing strong.

Furthermore, Mystik Dan’s preparation and training have been meticulously managed by one of the top trainers in the circuit, known for adapting strategies to the specific challenges of Pimlico’s track. His adaptability to varying race conditions and his proven track record in major stakes races solidify his status as a leading contender.

However, as noticed, Muth is listed as the early favorite with odds of 10-11. His favorable odds are based on his outstanding performances in preparatory races and the overall capabilities perceived by the betting market. As such, while Mystik Dan is highly regarded following his Derby win, Muth currently leads the field as the most favored to win at the Preakness Stakes 2024.

Tuscan Gold is Demling’s Pick

Renowned horse racing expert Jody Demling has released his top picks for the 2024 Preakness Stakes. He’s known for his uncanny ability to predict outcomes in horse races and has a history of accurate selections at major stakes, including a notable streak at the Preakness.

For example, he has accurately predicted the Belmont Stakes winner in four of the past six years and has successfully picked the Preakness Stakes winner 10 times in the last 19 races. Notably, last year, he successfully forecasted the winner, exacta, trifecta, and superfecta at the Preakness, showcasing his exceptional betting acumen.

For the 2024 Preakness Stakes, Jody Demling has expressed strong confidence in Tuscan Gold despite being considered a longshot at 5-1 odds. He believes Tuscan Gold represents a significant betting opportunity for those seeking a substantial return.

He explains that Tuscan Gold may not be the premier horse in Chad Brown’s stable, yet he can fully hold his own in this competitive field. He also highlighted Tuscan Gold’s impressive performance, noting the horse’s third-place finish in the Louisiana Derby as evidence of his potential.

Final Thoughts

The 149th Preakness Stakes is set to be a memorable event full of excitement, tradition, and top-level competition. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor, a horse racing aficionado, or a newcomer to the sport, the Preakness offers a rich, engaging experience. As we approach race day, stay tuned for the latest news and updates to ensure you have all the information needed to fully enjoy this thrilling event.