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Organic Décor at the Shore


OCNJ Daily is constantly looking for new and exciting ways to interact with our readers.  This week we are proud to introduce a new member to our staff.  Maureen Schneider is resident of Ocean City, is married and a mother of two. She also is the principal at Finley & Associates, a newly created Ocean City based consulting and design firm. Maureen has a passion for beach house renovations and redesigns.  She can be reached at maureen@ocnjdaily.com.

Out is the overdone coastal motif, and in is the relaxed organic look.  Whether your house on the island is your primary residence, second home or rental property, design trends are lending themselves to a more natural, relaxed style.  We all want our home to be the place where we, as well as our guests can feel welcomed into a space. Creating a space that is bright, airy and provides a sense of peace.  Upon purchasing a beach home owners tend to suddenly find themselvescollecting that great seashell shaped pillow, or framed lighthouse print.  Not only do they collect theseitems themselves, everyone who stops in for a day at the beach gifts them.  Suddenly their surroundings resemble a coastal gift shop.

Homeowners want that “beachy” look, and it can be accomplished by bringing elements into the home that are influenced by the environment. Nature easily gives so many rich and inspiring sources for decorating.  Reclaimed wood, recycled or natural stone, glass beaded chandeliers, sisal rugs, cotton weaves, natural wallcoverings, and bamboo shades all provide this.  Whether redesigning your space or just getting started there are a few simple ways to achieve the organic look. Soft interior color schemes resembling those found in nature such as muted greys, varied blues and browns and basic white feel peaceful.  Choosing wood furnishings with a rich brown color and repeating throughout the space will create balance.  Designers are adding more natural materials in unexpected spaces, such as live edge coffee tables and sculptural driftwood.  Soft furnishings made from earth inspired cotton weaves can add comfort to your space.

Adding natural beach themed accessories should create harmony with other objects in the home. Materials such as shells, driftwood, and hand-carved sea turns are understated nod to the beach theme.

Creating a home that looks untouched by the professional decorator is the desired outcome.  Natural coastal home décor is a look collected and added to over time, full of unearthed treasures, each one like that perfect shell found on a long winter beach walk.