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Open House at The Ocean City Fire Department

22 month old twins Jordy and Avery Seaver of Egg Harbor City came to learn about fire safety early in life.

By Andrew DeCredico

Ocean City Fire Department held its annual open house on Thursday October 12th this year. At 5 o’clock they opened up their fire hall to everyone who would like to come take a look at what Ocean City has protecting their homes.

“We’re out here to expose families and kids to fire prevention.” Says Fire Chief Jim Smith. “We are trying to let everyone see the different equipment we have, like out storm trucks and hoses. We are also letting everyone get in touch with our firefighters.”

Ahlayah Kelly, age 7, and her sister Ahlanah, age 4, both in pink from Ocean City played in the bounce house while giving their brains a break from learning about fire safety.

The event was a huge success with many in attendance. Shows and games caught everyone’s attention. Inside food and drinks were served, and children could play on the big bounce house. If they had enough of jumping around with their friends, kids could learn all about what firefighters need to do every time a fire happens.

Little ones had a blast with games like ‘Get out. Stay Out. Crawl Low.’ Where they learn what it’s like to be inside a house when you can’t see, and learn the proper techniques for navigating unknown areas in the dark.

Ben Dougherty, age 4, finishing up the game ‘Get Out. Stay Out. Crawl Low.’ and doing his best fireman impression.

Outside kids can learn how powerful a fire hose is, with a makeshift house and play fire to put out. With the help of a firefighter, children were able to use a fire hose for themselves and try to get all of the fire in the playhouse.

Julianna D’Arcangelo, age 4, of Egg Harbor Township does her best to knock down the targets with her powerful fire hose and a grin on her face.

At 6:15pm the firefighters demonstrated their tools. The firefighters set up the scene of a crash and needed to get the imaginary passenger out of their vehicle. To do this, the roof was cut off. Using the jaws of life and other amazing tools, the roof of the vehicle was quickly and easily removed.

The firemen set up a crash scene to demonstrate their amazing equipment.

After that, at 7:15pm, the firefighters showed the importance of keeping your bedroom doors shut during a fire. To do this, a few small rooms were built in the blocked off street and a fire was lit inside the middle room. On one side the door was left open. On the other side the door was shut. Soon after the fire was lit, the room with the door left open was quickly ablaze. The room to the right, with the door closed, was much safer.

At The end of the night, the two rooms without a door separating them were up in flames, while the room behind a closed door was doing much better.

Although readers should take every other precaution to prevent fires from spreading in their home, readers should also shut the door when they leave a room as to add security to their home. As the Ocean City Fire Department wished, people in attendance were educated on safe ways to help prevent the start and spread of home fires.