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Ocean City Shows Off Its Christmas Spirit

Ned and Denise Zechman's home at 332 E. Inlet Road is beautifully lit on three sides.

The 2020 Decorated Christmas Homes list has been a community work in process. Families around town have submitted pictures and addresses of their favorites.

The simple idea is to have a COVID-safe activity for families on Christmas Eve, given all the limitations.

Attached are the pictures and addresses that the public has shared with us. There are many more out there just waiting to be found.

Go out and explore the island to see for yourself. Enjoy your loved ones and cherish all that we have been blessed with.

To help you navigate through town to enjoy the decorated homes, the addresses that are listed in this story generally follow a progression starting from the north end of the island in the Gardens section and ending in the south end.

Please feel free to add pictures and addresses to our list using our Facebook page.

Diane Stone and Robert Waite’s home at 7 West Aberdeen Road.

7 West Aberdeen Road

332 E. Inlet Road

The Ashenbrenner home at 229 Ocean Road is decorated front and back. The rear can be seen by the Waverly Beach stairs across from 140 E. Atlantic. This picture features the back of their home.
The Raab family home at 301 E Seabright Rd.

240 E. Atlantic

There was a Santa spotting at the Madden home on Battersea Road.
The Jessel home at 922 2nd Street is shining bright.

1 Bay Ave.

The Quintin family home is decorated with tasteful elegance.

147 Asbury Ave.

300 block of Wesley Avenue

McGonigle and Milligan Homes on 3rd Street between Wesley and Ocean.

Atlantic Ave.

The Anderson home on Pennlyn Place.

Pelham Place

Plaza Place neighborhood Christmas display

Plaza Place

Wayne Avenue

7th Street Beach Block

On 6th Street, the Ferris wheel at Wonderland Pier reflects the holiday spirit.

121 13th Street

Roxanne and Blake Gioia’s home at 121 13th Street features three levels of a variety of vintage Christmas Blow Molds.
The Audino family home 29 W 15th Street
This spot at 16th and Pleasure was decorated by the Kolea family with help from a friend. Their home is seen in the background.

1900 West Ave.

101 Bayshore Dr.

1808 Richmond Dr.

1810 Richmond Dr.

812 Windsor Ave.

29 Arkansas Ave.

27 Arkansas Ave.

25 Arkansas Ave.

13 Arkansas Ave.

29 W. 15th Street

The Ralston home at 2929 Bay Avenue. Not a lot of glitz, just enough to make it warm and inviting.

2929 Bay Avenue

The Peterson family home on the South end at 5136 Asbury Ave.

5136 Asbury Ave,

The Herron home at 5408 Simpson Ave.

5408 Simpson Ave.

If you are trying to navigate around town and do not know the location, you can “click here” for Google Maps.

OCNJDaily and our MediaWize Family wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Healthy New Year!